RubyMine brings a whole range of developer tools, all tightly integrated together to create a development environment for productive Ruby development and Web development with Ruby on Rails. RubyMine includes the Smart Ruby Coding Assistance which is an intelligent Ruby code editor, with complete Ruby coding assistance, smart, scope-based and type-aware code completion. RubyMine also includes syntax and error highlighting and code formatting along with code refactoring and intention actions. RubyMine supports Windows, macOS and Linux platforms.

RubyMine Features

  • Work Faster with a Smart Editor - Produce high-quality code more efficiently, thanks to first-class support for Ruby and Rails, JavaScript and CoffeeScript, ERB and HAML, CSS, Sass and Less, and more. Take advantage of the language specific-aware syntax and error highlighting, code formatting, code completion, and quick documentation.
  • Find Your Way Around - Use smart search to jump to any class, file or symbol, or even any IDE action or tool window. It only takes one click to...

Latest News

Build Rails Projects Your Way with Custom Paths
Build Rails Projects Your Way with Custom Paths
January 3, 2024Product Update
RubyMine 2023.3 adapts to your unique folder layout, without sacrificing powerful code intelligence.
RubyMine 2023.2.1
RubyMine 2023.2.1
August 30, 2023New Version
Adds chat context to AI Chat feature.
RubyMine 2023.2
RubyMine 2023.2
July 27, 2023New Version
Adds new AI Assistant, increased Turbo-Rails and Import Maps support.
RubyMine 2023.1.3
RubyMine 2023.1.3
June 23, 2023New Version
Adds the option to enable/disable automatic interpolation of string literals.
RubyMine 2023.1.2
RubyMine 2023.1.2
May 22, 2023New Version
Adds support for 'MAX_BY' and 'MIN_BY' functions in Snowflake.
RubyMine 2023.1
RubyMine 2023.1
March 30, 2023New Version
Improves Rails 7 and Ruby 3.2 support along with faster code completion and decreased memory consumption.

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System Requirements
  • 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 10 1809 or later and Windows Server 2019 or later
  • macOS 12.0 or later
  • Ubuntu (22.04, 20.04 or later) distribution that supports Gnome and KDE

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