RubyMine Releases

Released: Nov 28, 2019

Updates in 2019.3


  • RuboCop Severities mapping - Previously, RubyMine used predefined logic for mapping RuboCop and IDE inspection severities. Now, you can change the default mapping to increase or decrease severities for specific RuboCop offenses.
  • Better code insight for Struct - Thanks to improved code insight for structure types, you can now find usages of the required structure type and navigate back to its declaration.
  • Type support for fixture calls - The new version of RubyMine provides improved code...

Released: Jul 29, 2019

Updates in 2019.2



  • Faster debugger - The debugger used TracePoint :line to trace the program execution line by line. For v2019.2, there is a new native extension for MRI that lets the debugger choose at which fragments of code the execution should be suspended, and free the rest of the code from overhead. As a result, this new release dramatically speeds up the debugger and implements the new features below.
  • Smart Step Into - Previously, if you stumbled across a line with lots of methods in a...

Released: Apr 4, 2019

Updates in 2019.1



  • Rethink Docker with docker-compose exec - RubyMine adds support for docker-compose exec. Simply put, this command when enabled allows you to run and debug applications, install gems and do other development tasks faster than before.
  • Speed RubyMine up - In Experimental features, enable ruby.docker.internal.via.exec to speed up RubyMine when you're working with a Docker SDK. Now you can add gems, run rake tasks, rails commands and other things that update your environment, without...

Released: Nov 22, 2018

Updates in 2018.3


Code Insight

  • Rails scopes - When you add an association object to your scope, RubyMine will suggest available finder methods. You will also discover code autocompletion and navigation for chained scopes.
  • Struct - RubyMine adds full support for Struct. Now you can autocomplete, navigate, and refactor objects of Struct classes the same way you do with any other Ruby classes and their instances.
  • Nullability analysis for Ruby - A new Nil dereference inspection will check your code for...

Released: Jul 26, 2018

Updates in 2018.2


  • Code Insight
    • Better code insight - The upgraded Ruby type inference makes the IDE significantly better at understanding types of elements in blocks, arrays, and hashes, which greatly improves the code autocompletion and navigation on the whole.
    • Polymorphic associations - RubyMine now correctly recognizes and navigates (Ctrl/Cmd + Click) to definitions and usages of models that use polymorphic associations. Autocompletion for abstract model names also becomes available if a polymorphic...

Released: Apr 5, 2018

Updates in 2018.1


  • Speed Improvements - The new static analysis core engine makes the IDE significantly faster. You will discover that code autocompletion suggestions, code inspection (Code - Inspect Code), and other features related to code analysis now respond and complete faster.
  • Improved Code Insight - Parsing routines are now unified for arguments in method definitions and block calls. This improved Code Insight for block variables: for instance, a block passed as a parameter is now properly resolved...

Released: Nov 29, 2017

Updates in 2017.3


  • A better IDE
    • Better performance - This release has significant performance improvements.
    • Better resolution - Bottlenecks that prevented you from jumping to external keywords like callbacks and responders have been eliminated.
    • Better Code Insight - Code Insight features have been significantly reworked. In particular, RubyMine has become much better at mapping declared method arguments with the given ones. Not only that, but some built-in Inspections and Intentions have been fixed...

Released: Sep 15, 2017

Updates in 2017.2.4



  • Cannot run application with Docker SDK in debug mode.
  • Docker integration for Windows.


  • Uninitialized constant Test::Unit::AutoRunner::RUNNERS when trying to run unit tests.

No subsystem

  • UI is frozen for a long time in ModuleManagerImpl.loadModules.

Editor. Editing Text

  • Extend selection improvement.

Find, Replace, Find Usages

  • Replace In Path stats are incorrect after replacement.
  • Replace In Path tree collapses after replacing occurrences.

Version Control

  • SubVersion File status...

Released: Aug 2, 2017

Updates in 2017.2.1


  • Docker Compose
    • Docker Compose - Open your Docker project in RubyMine, and set Docker Compose as a remote SDK (Preferences / Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Ruby SDK and Gems | New remote | Docker Compose). Now you can work with multiple Docker containers taking advantage of the whole set of RubyMine features from code analysis and editing tools to debugging and testing suites.
    • Debugging applications - With this release you can debug apps inside a docker-compose service using the...

Released: Jun 14, 2017

Updates in 2017.1.4


  • Differentiate hash curly braces from block curly braces in formatting options and color scheme.
  • Make default size of code completion popup configurable.
  • Support for Mockito annotation @Mock.
  • Support auto-imports for modules provided by module augmentation.
  • Support for await in TypeScript 2.3.
  • Added registry value to control number of composite value children.


  • Always indexing after upgrading to RubyMine 2017.1.
  • Broken completion in inherited classes.
  • Cucumber: Go to implementation...