About SharePoint ShortUrl

Create ShortUrl's for any SharePoint Page, List Item, Document, View or External link.

SharePoint ShortUrl is a SharePoint solution that allows the creation and use of shortcut hyperlinks, fully integrated within the SharePoint environment. It’s common, especially with large complex installations, the structure of a SharePoint site collection can lead to enormously long hyperlinks, which makes for ugly and error prone hyperlinks. When you use SharePoint ShortUrl, those super long urls can be easily shortened which makes emailing the link, putting it into documents or even saying it over the phone much simpler and less error prone.

Using SharePoint ShortUrl a shortened hyperlink can be created for any Page, List Item, Document and View within SharePoint. Also to any external URL - including FTP and Mailto. With SharePoint ShortUrl you can create ShortUrl’s directly from the Site Actions Menu and/or any List/Library items Context Menu. If a ShortUrl has already been created, you can instantly copy to the clipboard, email the link directly (the link will be opened in your email client) and edit the shortened hyperlink. All the ShortUrl’s are stored in a regular SharePoint List which allows for all of the standard List functionality of audit trails, workflow, security permissions and item approval.

SharePoint ShortUrl Features

  • Simple, Clean, Customisable and Fast Urls specific to your domain.
  • Increase user adoption.
  • ShortUrl Click Analytics / Tracking.
  • Very easy to use, no training required.
  • Multiple ShortUrl’s to the same destination.
  • Auto update / create ShortUrl’s.
  • Priority feature to redirect old bookmark links.
  • Create ShortUrls for any Page, List Item Document, View or External link (FTP, Mailto)
  • Unlimited Shortened Hyperlinks
  • Easy access via Site Actions and Items Context Menu
  • Open email client with ShortUrl for sending
  • Date expiry for short lived Hyperlinks
  • Hyperlink ownership for audit trails
  • ShortUrl links click counter on lists
  • Easy to install, tightly integrated with SharePoint
  • Very easy to use, no training necessary

SharePoint ShortUrl Enterprise License

  • Unlimited Servers per SharePoint Farm for a single Organization

SharePoint ShortUrl Standard License

  • 1 License required per Server

For example if you have a single SharePoint Farm with multiple servers you will need to buy a single Enterprise License. If you have 2 SharePoint Farms with multiple severs you will need to buy 2 Enterprise Licenses.