SharePoint ShortUrl Releases

January 31, 2017

Updates in V10


  • Multiple ShortUrl’s to the same destination.
  • Show/Hide ShortUrl Menus for specific group of users.
  • ShortUrl Click Analytics/Tracking features.
  • Select ShortUrl Redirect Type (301 or 307).
  • New release for SharePoint 2016.
August 18, 2015

Updates in V8

  • New ShortUrl Priority Feature enables you to name the ShortUrl with the same name as an existing SharePoint link. If this feature is enabled it will redirect to the ShortUrl destination. This is useful for dead links that may be stored in a user’s favorites to be redirected to a new/correct destination.
  • Support for Host-Name Site Collections.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements (AMM Zone Fix).
  • Merge in code for OWA and without OWA (applies to SharePoint 2013).
December 09, 2014

Updates in V7

  • Added the ability to create a ShortUrl in the Ribbon Menu.
  • Added custom body/footer message when emailing a ShortUrl.
May 19, 2014

Updates in V6

  • Multilingual support. SharePoint ShortUrl now installs for any language.
  • Easily upgrade from a previous SharePoint ShortUrl version with an existing ShortUrl List.
  • ShortUrl Options are now in a Sub Menu (in Items Context Menu).
  • Include special characters.
  • Separation of ShortUrl Automatic Update and Automatic Create features.
  • My ShortUrl’s feature.
  • UNC Path ShortUrl feature.
  • ShortUrl Tracking List feature.