SmartClient will empower your team to tackle complex, large-scale applications on pure web standards. SmartClient's modern class system enables you to cleanly encapsulate the modules and screens of your application, for a more maintainable and understandable codebase. Extend the built-in components via inheritance, call superclass methods, and share custom classes throughout your organization to get even more value out of your efforts. Deep support for automated testing enables a true enterprise-grade development process, so you can deploy with confidence.

The maturity of the product and the depth of it’s APIs has always been impressive. We can provide our very demanding users with the highest performance and best user experience possible.

Dave Huffman, CTO, Alpha Theory

SmartClient is a comprehensive component suite for React, Vue, Angular and everything else.

SmartClient is available in 3 editions:

  • Pro
  • Power
  • Enterprise

SmartClient Pro Edition Features Include:

  • Adaptive Filter & Sort - Combines large dataset handling with adaptive use of client-side filtering and sorting: to handle datasets that are too large to download completely in advance, filtering and sorting initially take place on the server. When all matching records have been loaded client-side...

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SmartClient V13.0
SmartClient V13.0
Comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade components for React, Angular and Vue.

Prices from: $ 1,175.02

1 Software License is required per Developer. Runtime Royalty Free. SmartClient is available as a Perpetual License with no support or updates and as a Subscription License which includes product...

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