About Spread.Services

A complete .NET API to programmatically create and manage Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Spread.Services is a small-footprint high-performance spreadsheet component that you can use in your server and desktop applications. It gives developers a comprehensive API to quickly create, manipulate, convert, and share Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheets. Plus, you can call it from nearly any application and platform.

  • Cross platform - Supports multiple platforms including .NET Core, .NET Framework, and Mono.
  • VSTO style API - Create custom styles using the same style elements used in Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO).
  • Excel compatibility - Seamlessly import and export Excel-compatible XLSX files with no Excel dependency.
  • Workbooks and worksheets - Create, import, export, use passwords, add sheets, activate, configure, delete, and protect.
  • Pivot and Excel tables - Create Excel tables of data, and add pivot tables to automatically count, total, or average the data.
  • Formulas (450+ Excel functions) - Use hundreds of built-in functions and operators to perform complex calculations.
  • Charts - Customize series, walls, axes, lines, floors, data labels, and legends.
  • Data validation - Validate whole numbers, decimals, lists, dates, times, text length, and custom values.
  • Conditional formatting rules - Use rules for cell value, average, color scale, data bar, icon sets, top bottom, unique, and expression.
  • Sparklines - Draw small, lightweight charts inside cells to quickly visualize data for improved analysis.
  • Filtering - Automatically filter a range of cells by number, text, date, color, or icon.
  • Shapes - Embed drawing objects like shapes arrows, lines, charts, slicers, and pictures in worksheet cells.
  • Range operations - Set values, heights, and widths, cut, copy, paste, hide, insert, delete, and merge cell ranges.
  • Office Web Component (OWC) Replacement - Annotate worksheets with comments on cells to add information about the data they contain.
  • Spread.Sheets interaction - Export to Spread.Sheets via JSON strings for user viewing and editing, then post them back to the server.