About Stimulsoft Reports.NET

Add flexible and feature rich reports to your .NET applications.

Stimulsoft Reports.NET is a .NET based report generator which helps you create flexible and feature rich reports. All reports are created in report designer with handy and user-friendly interface. You can use the report designer both in design time and in runtime. No royalties for using the report designer in runtime are required. Using Stimulsoft Reports.NET you can create reports on the bases of the variety of data sources. Created reports can be used both in Windows Forms and in ASP.NET. Rendered reports can be exported to PDF, XPS, Excel, Word etc. Source code is available.

Stimulsoft Reports.NET Features

  • Ultimate functionality - A genuinely vast set of components and customization options are available for creating reports. Text and expressions with RichText and HTML support, various types of images, more than 40 types of charts and graphs, more than 30 types of bar-codes, cross-tabs, maps, indicators, etc. Intuitive wizards will simplify the configuration of the rich functionality of the components in reports. Lots of helpful resources, such as manuals, samples, videos with various with various approaches to creating and editing reports will help you get started with Stimulsoft Reports quickly.
  • Report Designer - Convenient, modern user interface familiar to everyone. It supports for more than 40 languages, various wizards for creating reports and settings for report components – this and much more allows you to start creating reports immediately. For the Stimulsoft Reports.Net, the report designer is available in two versions - as a component for integration into projects which use the WinForms platform and a ready-made application for creating and editing reports on the computer of a developer, which is supported for Windows and macOS systems.
  • Data for Reports - The product supports lots of ways to connect data to a report using both the report designer functionality and code. It offers a vast list of supported data servers - MS SQL, Oracle, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others. It supports all standard types of ADO.NET, OData protocol and multi-level business objects. You can get data from XML, JSON, Excel, and other files.
    • DB2
    • DBase
    • Excel
    • Azure Table Storage
    • Firebird
    • MS SQL
    • JSON
    • CSV
    • Google Sheets
    • MongoDB
    • MS Access
    • Sybase
    • SQLite
    • OData
    • XML
    • ODBC
    • Informix
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • PostgreSQL
    • Teradata
    • VistaDB
  • Preliminary preparation and transformation of data, creation of virtual data sources, and the ability to embed your data directly into the report template as resources are available.
  • View reports - The report viewer supports various modes for viewing reports, search, printing, exporting to more than 25 file formats, work with report parameters, interactivity, multi-level drill-down, and much more. These features also apply to the Web component for ASP.NET, which is part of the product as well.
  • Integration - Stimulsoft Reports.Net is designed to integrate all the features of the reporting tool into WinForms projects. Using the components, you can create, edit, and view reports in your application. If necessary, any actions on the report can be performed using C#/VB.NET code. For tighter integration, there are many properties and events of both components, and the report writer itself. A fully functional component for viewing reports in an ASP.NET application is available.