Stimulsoft Reports.NET Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for Stimulsoft Reports.NET, please contact our Stimulsoft licensing specialists.

Single License - Allows 1 Developer to use the product. A developer is a person who has access to Stimulsoft assemblies and scripts and uses them in application development. Also, a developer is a person who creates reports in a standalone (desktop) designer or online designer, consultants and requests any technical support. The developer may install two copies of the standalone (desktop) designer.
Team License - Allows up to 4 Developers to use the product.
Site License - Allows an unlimited number of developers at single physical addresses to use the product.
WorldWide License - Allows an unlimited number of developers at an unlimited number of locations to use the product.

Run-time royalty free.

The Subscription Program period lasts 12 months. The program starts automatically on the day of purchase. You are able to get all minor and major versions of the product absolutely free. You get priority technical support. This means that all your inquiries are moved to the top of the list. If you do not renew your Subscription you can continue using the product.

License Agreements

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January 03, 2020