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Vladimir.KhavulyaNY, USA5 star
We are using Syncfusion Essential Grid for Windows Forms for a trading application. Specifically, we are using the virtual grid, which allows us to load a small portion of data into the GUI. The grid... Read more

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bezaleel.robinsonIL, USA4 star
Working with the Essential Grid within the User Interface Edition of Syncfusion has been a real pleasure. It is easy to pick up and has very powerful yet flexible features. One thing that stands out about this product more than the features is the customer support. Time and time again they have been proactive in wanting me to feel comfortable with their product by answering issues in a timely manner with code samples. Using this product and interacting with Syncfusion has been a pleasant experience.
Vladimir.KhavulyaNY, USA5 star
We are using Syncfusion Essential Grid for Windows Forms for a trading application. Specifically, we are using the virtual grid, which allows us to load a small portion of data into the GUI. The grid is very flexible, and very fast. I have been using it for over half a year and am very happy with the grid and the support that Syncfusion team provides.
Anonymous5 star
I've been using Syncfusion Essential Grid for Windows Forms tools for about 6 years, when i choose this tool it was in my opinion the most suitable, easy to use and with the best performance on the market, and it stills being the one that covers most of the key features i need on my applications, all this powered by the fact that the support service it's remarkable, the response time it's about 24 hrs maximum, and when they promise something for a specific timeframe, they do it in that timeframe.
chliAustria5 star
I'm a developer and architect in a company which provides a SCADA product We use Syncfusion products now for over 2 years. We mainly use 2 kind of controls: The GridControl and the GridGroupingControl. The GridControl is used to display and edit in Excel-like manner complex information's of devices (PLC controller, Databases or CSV files) information's and export this information's into our main SCADA product. Heading: mass engineering While evaluation process we evaluate a lot of grid controls. We dispose to Syncfusion because the controls are one of the fastest and flexible. For architecture of our SCADA product we use Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA). To allow simple editing of the user domain model in EA we write a own EA-UML profile and an EA plugin. The GridGroupingControl is used for simple display and edit of our UML classes. Therefore the GridGroupingControl displays the data of the models, classes, properties and methods. In this case data binding is used for getting the information's. In both cases we benefit from the rich functionality, the good documentation and the excellent support. The only known disadvantage is the complexity and therefore the learning curve is flat. To keep it rising the support and documentation is very useful.
Anonymous5 star
We've been using Essential Grid for WinForms since 2003. It's an outstanding product which has made our applications much easier to code because of all the built in features this gird has. We spent a lot of time researching grids before we went with Syncfusion and one key factor in buying was their support. Included in your purchase price you get yearly support. Support case are entered and logged on their website. There have been numerous cases where we couldn't figure something out and they were there to help. They also have an amazing forum that has thousands of questions and answers. These questions are also answered by Syncfusion support.
p-ealmeidaBrazil4 star
I want to thanks the Syncfusion for the great job in developing the GridControl’s components, it facilitates a lot my life as a developer, because we got a easy to use tool, that’s fits like a glove, with a great performance. Above all the components, special thanks for the Syncfusion’s support team, which of all the companies that I already work with (counting with Brazil’s companies) is the faster at answering our requests. Thanks a lot, Eduardo Almeida.
ben.liChina5 star
we have use syncfusion grid to conduct windows smart client application, it definitely help us to do rapid development and release very user-friendly .net application. using syncfusion application, we can fast response to new user requirement and tell them "XXX features will be implemented and integrated to new version, you can experience them in a couple of weeks". Syncfusion really provides a good way to build UI and present kinds of data... It rock!
Rohan Bethune (Consultant Developer)5 star
We have used Syncfusion components now for over 16 months to help us rapidly build intuitive rich GUI applications. Apart from the rich suite of components that Syncfusion offers, we were initially drawn to Syncfusion over their competition because of the numerous detailed source level examples that are distributed with the product along with thorough, clearly explained API/Usage documentation. Syncfusion has consistently helped us to achieve our aggressive development timescales and provides without doubt, one of the best end user product support services whenever we need it. They are truly excellent and the level of technical detail and completeness in their responses to complex problems is superb. Our key business users at a top global bank were actually speechless when they saw the level of functionality that we have created over the past few months with Syncfusion. Excellent product and support.
avarmaavarmaUSA5 star
Syncfusion is a 3rd Party UI library – which contains several advanced controls in its toolbox. It offers a GridControl with all the basic grid display capabilities. And then it offers something called a GridGroupingControl – which is a GridControl with advanced grouping capabilities. For instance, if one is interested in grouping by not one – but multiple columns, the grouping grid does it with just a couple of lines of code. If one is interested in nested grids (something that will take days to implement for the WinForms DataGridView), the GroupingGridControl provides that out of the box as well. If one is interested in sorting, paging etc. available out of the box, the GridGroupingControl provides that as well. Syncfusion's GridControl and GridGroupingControl also has a 'virtual' mode built-in to handle faster rendering of UI data. This mode enables several thousands of rows of data to be displayed by only rendering the needed rows as indicated by scrolling up and down the grid's scrollbar. All in all, we found the Syncfusion library up to our expectation in terms of support for collections (both generic and non-generic) and the features built into the Syncfusion WinForms Grid. In terms of just performance, we found it to exceed our expectation. If there was one downside to our use of the Syncfusion library, it was the complexity of the underlying c# source (we bought the source code license). It takes a fair amount of time to ramp up to speed with the source code - and if you have to make any customizations, it can be time consuming. Of course, if you are intending to use it in its binary form - and do not need a source code license, then the only learning curve is that of familiarizing yourself with the myriad of exposed properties on the Grid Control. We found Syncfusion's technical support to be prompt at responding to questions on these.