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Wijmo is a complete line of JavaScript and HTML5 UI components for Enterprise development. Providing powerful grids, charts, pivot tools and input controls including FlexGrid one of the fastest JavaScript data grids available. Build lightweight, high-performance HTML/JavaScript applications fast, in your favorite framework (Angular, React, and Vue). All of the Wijmo Core components can be bound to CollectionView, giving developers a straightforward migration path from the .NET platform to modern JavaScript development. Wijmo Core is also available as part of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise.

We were able to easily migrate our previously Flash dashboard to HTML5 and are now reaching more end users on more devices.

Jason Coudriet, Vice President of Product Design & Innovation, Schoolwires.

Fast and Lightweight JavaScript Components
Wijmo components will never bloat your web apps. Built for top performance, the components aren't just dependency-free, they are also built to be small, extensible, and fast.

Flexible, Extensible API
The easy-to-read, flexible API has a low learning curve, and components have a simple core with as many extensibility points as possible.

First-Class Framework Support
Built to be framework-agnostic, Wijmo includes full support for Angular, AngularJS...

Latest News

Wijmo Special Offer
Wijmo Special Offer
Save over 65% with Back to Business Summer Special - Act now! Offer ends on 22-Sep-2021.
Wijmo Core 2021 v2
Wijmo Core 2021 v2
Includes official release of FlexMap control, Excel Note support, and a new ColumnGroups API.
Wijmo Core 2021 v1 (Build 5.20211.792)
Wijmo Core 2021 v1 (Build 5.20211.792)
Adds support for Angular 12.
Wijmo Core 2021 v1
Wijmo Core 2021 v1
Adds a new RestCollectionView, Cell Templates for MultiRow, and Beta release of FlexMap map control.
Wijmo 2020 v3 (Build 5.20203.766)
Wijmo 2020 v3 (Build 5.20203.766)
Includes improvements to Date Picker accessibility, FlexGrid touch support, and TypeScript support.
GrapeCity Webinar for Wijmo - Improve Build Speed with Angular Ivy
GrapeCity Webinar for Wijmo - Improve Build Speed with Angular Ivy
The Ivy compiler can help you improve build speeds and decrease bundle sizes.

Prices from: $ 684.58

One software license is required per-developer. A developer may installtheir license on up to two machines. Developer Licenses are perpetual and include 1 year Subscription which provides 1 year of...

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