About wPDFControl

Create PDF files from your Visual C++ or Visual Basic project.

wPDFControl was created to make it easy for programmers to add PDF support to their application. It is based on the popular PDF engine 'wPDF' which has been successful on the Delphi and C++Builder market since 2000. Until recently wPDF was not available for programming languages other than Delphi and C++Builder, but this has changed as the wPDFControl DLL can be used in many programming languages which support dynamic link libraries (DLL's).

wPDFControl comes with a DLL and an ActiveX (OCX) which serves to load the PDF engine DLL and provides an interface to it. The ActiveX (OCX) can be used in languages such as Visual Basic, where it is difficult to use the callback function required for the PDF engine.


  • While the PDF file is open you can create a new page with StartPage. The page has to be closed with EndPage. While a page is active you can use the HDC (Device handle) of the PDF engine tocreate the output
  • You can retrieve this handle with the function DC and use it with regular GDI drawing routines
  • There are also some functions which make it easier to change the font, the background and pen colors. If you use these functions the DC will be changed the same as if you would have used the windows API - but these functions are much easier to use and you don't have to worry about HFONT, HBRUSH and HPEN GDI resources

If you need to convert RTF files to PDF please refer to "wRTF2PDF" DLL. This also includes the wPDFControl DLL.