wPDFControl Releases

Released: Apr 2, 2016

Updates in v4.30

  • Optimized for better threaded and 64bit performance.

Released: Jun 13, 2014

Updates in v4.0

  • The new PDF engine supports Type3 font embedding that reduces PDF file size.
  • Better support for Asian fonts.
  • 64bit and Unicode versions of the engine DLLs are now available.

Released: Feb 16, 2007

Updates in v3.0

  • Support for standard brush styles (hatching)
  • TransparentBitBlt
  • Automatic reuse of the same image data. This way, when you export a document which often uses a logo the PDF file will be significantly smaller
  • Creation of PDF/A complient PDF files (with added meta data and PDF tagging when you use it with WPTools)
  • Support of CID fonts (known as "unicode" support)
  • Binary Data embedding: You can store the document source which was used to create a PDF file within this PDF file. When you use WPTools...