About Xceed Chart for ASP.NET

Create advanced charts in your ASP.NET projects with this 2D/3D chart component.

Xceed Chart for ASP.NET is a fast-rendering ASP.NET chart control. It provides all the ASP.NET-specific and web-related tools you need to create 2D and 3D charts. It uses OpenGL (3D/2D) or GDI+ (2D) for fast rendering of charts. Xceed Chart for ASP.NET supports image maps and image response, server-side events with postback, persistent states, chart streaming, script injection, browser detection and automatic temporary file cleanup, out-of-process rendering, and more .It includes 14 major 2D/3D chart types, flexible axes, scaling, legends, drill-down, built-in toolbar and grid, 30+ formulas, samples with source, multi-chart display, SVG support, etc.

Xceed Chart for ASP.NET includes a 3D OpenGL chart renderer which generates charts at startling speed and allows you to apply 3D lighting and special scene effects to your charts.

Easy to implement
Xceed Chart for ASP.NET makes it easy to get your WebForms projects to display presentation-quality charts.

  • You can work by example. Using the Chart Explorer, just pick the chart type you need to display from over 90 samples, then copy the source code into your project and adjust the parameters
  • You can work visually. With the Chart Wizard or the detailed configuration dialogs, you can entirely bypass having to write configuration code

Power Charts
From simple charts to complex business, scientific and financial charts, with Xceed Chart for .NET, you’re covered: 2D/3D bar, line, area, pie, point, bubble, stock, radar, polar, high/low, grid, mesh, shape and more.

ASP.NET features
Xceed Chart for ASP.NET provides various capabilities to make your Web Forms charts interactive and efficient, including:

  • Image response. Can generate static images in several formats that are temporarily stored on the server and are used in HTML with an IMG tag.
  • Image maps. Can generate HTML image maps with browser redirection to specific URLs, mouse cursor changes and tooltips.
  • Image map postback. Can generate interactive charts that fire server-side events for clicks on the chart’s elements.
  • Persistent state. The chart’s state on the server can stay persistent across round-trips. State can also be saved or streamed.
  • No code-behind. Can be used in an ASPX page with no code-behind, useful for porting legacy ASP applications to ASP.NET.
  • Binary stream image. Can stream a chart to the browser without generating a file on the server.
  • Web.config support. Configure directly from a web.config file allowing groups of applications to share chart configurations without writing code.
  • Inject custom script. Seamlessly integrate image maps generated by the component with any type of client side VBScript or JScript.
  • Temp file clean-up. Automatically detects when a temporary file is expired and deletes it from the server. Configurable space usage quota for temp folder.
  • Built-in browser detection. .NET regular expressions can instruct the component to generate browser-specific responses.
  • Server configuration utility. Allows you to configure web applications that use Xceed Chart for ASP.NET without writing a single line of code.