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  4. Customer Testimonial: Really like your product, by the way. I had previously used the EFOracleProvider example provided by MS, and actually got that working in our system, but was it ever slow!! Installing dotConnect for Oracle was easy, and the speed improvement was obvious ... Read more

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  6. Specification:   IP*Works! IP*Works! SSL IP*Works! SSH IP*Works! S/SNMP IP*Works! S/MIME Components CalDAV •         DNS •         FileMailer •         FTP •         HTMLMailer •         HTTP •         ICMPPort •         IMAP •         IPDaemon •         IPInfo •       ... Read more Show more results from this product

  7. Customer Testimonial: We use the secure TCP Client and Server components, as well as the FTP, SNMP, and Zip components and they are fantastic. Mark A. Stacy, CTO, Touchstone Technologies, Inc. ... Read more

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  10. Customer Testimonial: It takes MFC programming to a whole new level... A million thanks. Mr. Andrew F. Artajos ... Read more

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  13. Customer Testimonial: List & Label is performant, flexible and easy to use. Klaus Mueller, Lear Corporation, Germany ... Read more

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