Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) Service

Use our system to run the eShop on your web site. A fully managed service we test, load and price your products - as well as handling your customers.

ESD ServiceAn opportunity to use the ComponentSource ESD commerce engine for your own Web site store. FREE setup at the Author tier and higher.

"How do I sell my software online?" If you are asking yourself this question - we can help you. ComponentSource enables you to use our proven technology to set up your own global Electronic Software Download (ESD) store on your own Web site, just by providing a frame and a URL link. This enables customers to also purchase and download your products from your own site within your own user interface, but using ComponentSource bandwidth and your products and information already loaded and maintained on the ComponentSource site.

Why choose the ComponentSource ESD Service?

ComponentSource has over 19 years of global online software sales and distribution experience. Our technology is proven and is used by over 1,125,000 developers & IT pros worldwide. You can now integrate this proven technology to set up your own global ESD store.

Customers who visit your online store will receive a new level of service. Not only will your products be available from our high-bandwidth download centers in the USA and Europe, but your customers can also use our multi-lingual customer service (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean & Chinese - Mandarin & Cantonese) via 50 toll free numbers in 47 countries.

ComponentSource has already implemented a number of ESD stores for ComponentSource publishers, including: AG Tech (Japan), Contour Components, Desaware, dLSoft, GrapeCity (Japan), Inabyte, Janus Systems, Lassalle Technologies, MIGInfo COM, PHD, Pintexx, PlexityHide, Softek Software and Visual Software. The same technology also powers ComponentSource Community Partner stores on sites such as DevPia (South Korea), Ineta (US) and Nikkei Software (Japan).

We make the process easy:

  • We create your ESD store
  • We maintain and update the content of your store based on your product submissions to the main ComponentSource site
  • We process your customer credit card transaction and pay you regularly to help your cash flow
  • We can set your store up within 30 days of your signed agreement (subject to timely product submission if a new ComponentSource publisher)

We keep costs to a minimum and help your cash flow:

  • No setup fee for ComponentSource Authors and Partners
  • No additional monthly maintenance fees or costs
  • No additional update or product revision fees
  • No additional bandwidth fees
  • We charge a 10% transaction fee in your first year
  • Transaction fees fall to as low as 6% to 8% in the second and subsequent years (See below for details)
  • We pay you twice a month for your sales

We make store integration easy:

Our solution is based on a frameset that sits on your Web server(s) with its main content pane pointing to your product catalog on ComponentSource Web Servers. Note that the frameset is only required for the product catalog which means that your site does not have to be frame-based.

The neutral interface is already implemented providing you with:

  • Product catalog (customized to your requirements*)
  • Shopping Cart
  • User registration and logon facility
  • Purchase facility (online and over-the-phone credit card authorization)
  • Product download facility
  • A product archive where customers can re-download previous orders

*The catalog information contained in your product catalog can be customized to display some or all of the following sections:

  • Overview
  • Pricing & Licensing
  • Evals & Downloads
  • Compatibility

Transaction Fee Details

Sign up now and get the standard transaction fee rate 10% for the first year!

In the 2nd and subsequent years - we will set your transaction fee % rate based on the sales volume through your ESD Store. See the table below for 2nd and subsequent year % transaction fees:

  • 10% Transaction Fee - Average sales less than $25,000 per month (based on a 3 month rolling average) **
  • 8% Transaction Fee - Average sales greater than $25,000 but less than $50,000 per month (based on a 3 month rolling average) **
  • 6% Transaction Fee - Average sales greater than $50,000 per month (based on a 3 month rolling average) **

** Please Note: If your product costs less than $50 there will be a minimum transaction fee charge of $3.00 to $3.50 depending on the type of Credit Card that the customer uses.

How do I take up this offer?

If you are a ComponentSource Publisher - please download the ComponentSource ESD Agreement for the ESD Service now. Fill in the form - sign it, scan it and email it to us or fax it back to Kerry West on: +1 770 250 6199.


If your query is not answered by one of the following questions, please do not hesitate to email us.

Q. How long will ComponentSource take to setup my ESD store?
A. We can set your store up within 30 days of your signed ESD agreement (subject to timely product submission and successful testing and loading if you are a new ComponentSource publisher).

Q. How long will it take me to implement the ESD store on my Web site?
A. Providing you have created a frameset within your site to host the store, then the store should take a couple of minutes to integrate.

Q. What are the minimum technical requirements for us to participate?
A. ESD stores require a minimum 600 pixel screen width on your Web site. You will be provided with a URL linking you to your customized ESD store. Your ESD store sits on the ComponentSource Web servers.

Q. What help will ComponentSource offer during the implementation of my ESD store?
A. If help is required ComponentSource will assist you to install your store over the phone. An email address is also at your disposal for any written correspondence: publisherESD@componentsource.com

Q. What ongoing maintenance is likely to be needed?
A. Other than the submission of new products and versions, no ongoing support or maintenance is required, since no actual data sits on your site. All content updates within the ESD store are carried out at ComponentSource.

Q. How often can updates to my products be made?
A. We expect you to submit your products to us in a timely manner as and when you release new versions, so that we can update the ComponentSource Web sites and your store. If your products test successfully, they will typically be updated within 5 to 10 working days.

Q. What product pricing will be shown in my store?
A. Your SRP (Suggested Retail Price) will be shown in your store. If you wish to run promotional pricing, then you will need to contact ComponentSource on publisherESD@componentsource.com

Q. Who will provide customer services and technical support?
A. ComponentSource will provide multi-lingual customer services to all customers who purchase through the online store on your site. ComponentSource will provide technical support to assist the customer with the downloading of the software from your ESD store. You are responsible for providing technical support for the product to the customer once they have downloaded it.

Q. Will sales be reported to me in the normal way?
A. You will have 2 separate sections of the ComponentSource Web site to logon to in order to view your sales. One section will be for sales made through the ComponentSource Web site and the other will be for sales made through your ESD store. You will need to supply ComponentSource with a second email address (for example csesd@publishername.com) which will be used for sales reporting. The only difference for ESD store sales made on your Web site is that should a customer order placed by credit card subsequently turn out to be fraudulent, this will be charged back to your account and the sale deducted from your next payment. Note: If the fraudulent sale was made on the ComponentSource Web site and not in your ESD store, we would pay you in full for that fraudulent credit card sale.

Q. How often will I get paid and how?
A. Payments will be made to your nominated bank account by wire transfer. This will take place twice a month, on or about the 4th and 19th day of each month.

Q. What happens with refunds when a customer purchases from my store?
A. The same policy is implemented as that used for customers buying direct from the ComponentSource Web site. For more details please visit our Return Policy section.

If your query is not answered by one of the above questions, please do not hesitate to email us.