Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some detailed answers to typical questions that we have been asked before.

  • FAQsThe Program
    How does the program work? The program has been designed to allow you to easily enter the software component and dev tools global market.
  • Sales and Reporting
    Up to the minute information on your customers is available through the online reporting system allowing you to obtain data about customers who have purchased your product through ComponentSource.
  • Product Pricing and Licensing
    Getting it right will grow sales. Think of the investment of your time and effort to develop your component and price your component to allow the customer to make a return on their own investment.
  • Product Requirements
    Preparing the product for the channel is important. Whether you need help on how to make an evaluation version or need advice on licensing with hardware we can help.
  • Marketing Exposure
    Market to more than 1,125,000 software developers & IT professionals through the world's largest business-to-business developer tool marketplace and software component community for Microsoft Windows, .NET™ & COM™, Java/EJB™, AJAX/JavaScript, Flash/Flex, Eclipse & VCL components and for tools such as Microsoft SQL Server & SharePoint. Find out how we will take your software to a new audience.
  • The Open Market for Components
    Understand the opportunity and learn more about the open market for components. Find out why Businesses all over the world are turning to components and how you could be sitting on a goldmine.