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AddFlow for WinForms 2015 is a .NET Windows Forms Custom control that is useful each time you need to display and use relationships between objects in your application: workflow diagrams, database diagrams, communication networks, organizational charts, process flows, state transitions diagrams, telephone call centers, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), expert systems, graph theory, quality control diagrams and more. Drawings can be made interactively or programmatically.

AddFlow for WinForms 2015 is a . NET Windows Forms Custom control for creating flowchart diagrams. AddFlow for WinForms 2015 offers the following advantages:

  • A small deployment assembly: the size of the Lassalle. Flow. dll file is less than 250 Kb.
  • A light programming interface, great flexibility and full integration with the Winforms environment
  • Every visual elements can be customized: nodes, links, captions, resizing handles, etc...
  • Runtime Royalty free.
  • AddFlow for Winforms 2015 Professional...

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Latest News

AddFlow for WinForms adds Diagram Pins
AddFlow for WinForms adds Diagram Pins
Create links from the pin of one node to the pin of another node.
AddFlow for WinForms Standard updated
AddFlow recompiled with .NET 4 CP
AddFlow recompiled with .NET 4 CP
AddFlow for .NET V2.3.1 has been recompiled with .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile.
AddFlow for .NET adds VS2010 support
AddFlow for .NET adds VS2010 support
Version 2.3 also supports 64-bit and adds pan feature and Bentley-Ottmann link intersection algorithm.

Prices from: $ 391.02

1 License Required per Developer. Run-time royalty free. AddFlow for WinForms Standard Developer License: One software license is required per developer, AddFlow for WinForms Standard Site Wide...

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