amCharts 5: Maps

amCharts: Maps is an add-on to amCharts: Charts. Use it to add full-fledged interactive maps to your web site or application. amCharts is a ready-made JavaScript library that allows you to add interactive charts to a vast array of applications. With built-in support for TypeScript and ES6 modules, it is fully compatible with Angular, React, Vue.js as well as vanilla JavaScript applications. The map package bundles hundreds of country and regional maps, all available in two versions: high and low detail. Based on GeoJSON standard for its functionality, if a map exists it probably exists in GeoJSON format, and if not there’s probably one available in ESRI shape format, which you can easily convert to GeoJSON.

Series-Based Approach

  • Multi-type series
    • Everything on the maps is organized in "series": areas/countries (polygons), markers (images), lines.
    • Makes it super easy to apply appearance settings or attach behavior to a bunch of elements at once.
    • Series-based approach allows easy structuring of elements, toggling, and other control.
    • It also allows specifying what exactly to include or exclude from GeoJSON. Do you want just a map of Europe? Simply specify country codes that you want to be included. A...

Latest News

amCharts 5: Charts v5.2.9
amCharts 5: Charts v5.2.9
Adds new property to set the period of inactivity before a chart becomes 'inactive' for touch gestures.
amCharts 5: Maps v5.2.2
amCharts 5: Maps v5.2.2
When zooming out using the mouse wheel, maps now auto-center by default.
amCharts 5: Maps v5.1.10
amCharts 5: Maps v5.1.10
Adds new 'verticalAlign' in-line text formatting property.
amCharts 5: Maps v5.1.4
amCharts 5: Maps v5.1.4
Adds the ability to set an array of XYCursor objects to automatically position as the cursor moves.
amCharts 5: Maps v5.1.3
amCharts 5: Maps v5.1.3
Improves tooltips support and cursor "snap-to" feature.
amCharts 5: Maps v5.1.1
amCharts 5: Maps v5.1.1
Improves memory consumption and theming.

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amCharts 4: Maps is an add-on and requires that you have a valid license of amCharts 4: Charts. Single website license: If you have a public website (no signup is necessary), or youre a web developer...

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