amCharts 5: Stock Chart 5.5.3

Released: Nov 1, 2023

Updates in 5.5.3


  • New indicator "Stochastic Momentum Index" added.
  • All StockChart indicators with OverBought/Oversold ranges (Commodity Channel Index, Relative Strength Index, Stochastic Momentum Index, Stochastic Oscilator and Williams R) have now middle line between oversold/overbought. Also a draggable grip added to oversold/overbought ranges which allows user to change values by dragging these grips.
  • New StockChart toolbar control: DropdownControl. Can use to add any content to be displayed in a dropdown when clicked. More info.
  • Changed defaults on a StockPanel: wheelY: "zoomX", panX: true, panY: true. Previously, those were hardcoded in ChartIndicator, which prevented a possibility to change them via a theme.
  • Changed defaults on an AxisRendererY: pan:"zoom". This adds zoom possibility for all Y axes of a StockChart (previously indicator Y axes where not zoomable).
  • IndicatorControl now extends DropdownListControl for consistency.
  • IndicatorControl has now scrollable: true set by default.
  • Tweaked number formats for indicator legend items.
  • Default ordering of indicators in IndicatorControl changed.


  • Returning empty string from labelHTML adapter on a Tooltip in some cases could result to an error.
  • Timezone formatting with "z" codes in DateFormatter was not always correct.
  • XYChart could flicker on Safari browser in some rare responsive CSS setups.