cDevWorkflow is a Business Process Management (BPM) system that enables users to track and control business activities. It includes an HTML5, graphical, embeddable workflow designer and a rules execution engine. It helps users build and execute workflows easily and intuitively.

cDevWorkflow Features

Embeddable .NET Workflow Software Engine

  • Fully distributed. Run on a single server or on many servers to balance the load.
  • Fully automated fall-over monitoring and processing.
  • Tracks processing information.
  • All information persisted to the database.

Workflow Rules Engine

  • Process simple or complex rules.
  • Use in-memory compilation for high performance.
  • Any C# expression that you can type in Visual Studio can be used.
  • Use variables within rules.
  • Test expressions using the...

Latest News

cDevWorkflow V9.0
cDevWorkflow V9.0
Manage custom widgets and graphical layouts for dashboards.
cDevWorkflow released
cDevWorkflow released
An embeddable workflow engine for .NET developers.
One software license is required per Server. Production Server License: A Production Server License is is required for each Production Server Machine. Multi-Threaded Process Engine, Multi-Threaded...
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