About ComponentOne FlexGrid for LightSwitch

Interactive data grid for Microsoft LightSwitch.

ComponentOne FlexGrid is now available as a LightSwitch extension. Use the included screen template or add the C1FlexGrid control to your existing screens and get all the functionality you would expect and more. ComponentOne FlexGrid for LightSwitch includes conditional formatting, cell merging, outline views, export to Excel, filtering, printing, grouping, and more. Get all of this without a single line of code.

Reasons to choose FlexGrid for LightSwitch

No-code Experience
FlexGrid gives you an easy-to-use interface to the features you need to make your grid interactive and useful. This means you can add advanced features without writing a line of code.

All the Features Included in the LightSwitch Grid
FlexGrid is designed to serve as a replacement for the built-in LightSwitch data grid. It uses the same command bar elements, looks similar (but better), behaves the same, but adds many useful features. These include: Conditional formatting, Excel export from the Web, Grouping, Outline buttons, Run time filtering, Printing, Clipboard support and Cell merging.

Ready-to-use Screen Template
This extension includes a complete FlexGrid screen template you can choose when adding a new screen to your project. This screen is similar to the LightSwitch editable grid screen, but it uses FlexGrid. It’s as simple as selecting it and choosing a data source. Using FlexGrid, you will get a searchable, editable grid view.

Upgrade Existing Screens
You can easily replace instances of the built-in LightSwitch data grid with FlexGrid while preserving the existing screen layout.

ComponentOne FlexGrid for LightSwitch Features:

  • FlexGrid Screen Template - FlexGrid includes a screen template that includes a properly configured instance of the C1FlexGrid control extension, similar to the built-in editable grid screen. This is the easiest way to use the product. Alternatively, developers can start with any screen that uses the built-in data grid and replace it with the C1FlexGrid extension.
  • Edit Data in Spreadsheet or Form View - Users can choose to edit data directly in the grid, as in a spreadsheet, or use the command bar to open detail dialogs to add or edit data in form view.
  • Data Paging - Optionally show large data sets page-by-page rather than in one, long scrollable grid.
  • Search Engine - The FlexGrid screen template exposes the same search functionality found in the built-in LightSwitch data grid.
  • Runtime Sorting and Filtering - Allow users to instantly sort and filter data with intuitive on-screen controls.
  • Design-time Grouping - Specify grouped views in LightSwitch's property pane.
  • Outline Buttons for Collapsing Groups - Create hierarchical views of your data with outline buttons that users can collapse and expand.
  • True Excel Export for the Web - Users can export views to .xls, .csv, .html, or .txt files. This works for both desktop and Web deployments.
  • Conditional Formatting - Set formatting for cells that exceed a high or low value in any given column. This is commonly used to indicate values that need attention. For example, you may want to use a red background for a number below an acceptable value.
  • Cell Merging - FlexGrid enables cell merging at the grid and column levels. This feature merges adjacent cells that have the same content, while positioning the text to maximize readability.
  • Persistent User Views - Optionally restore the last view configured by the end-user before closing the application. This includes sorting and filtering operations as well as column sizing and reordering.
  • Excel-like Filtering - Allow your end-users to filter the grid view using convenient check boxes or by specifying conditional expressions.
  • Tooltips for Validation Errors - When modified field data is invalid, FlexGrid automatically shows a tooltip that explains what the error is.
  • Printing Support - Print professional quality reports with the click of a button.
  • Localized Interfaces - Deploy your application in 20 different languages without worrying about localization. Just set the Culture property in your LightSwitch project and FlexGrid will show the proper strings. Included languages: Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (United States), Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Swedish.
  • Cell Range Selection and Clipboard Support - Select multiple cells by clicking and dragging or shift-clicking. Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+C to copy the selection to the clipboard.
  • Point-and-click Styling - Use convenient property pickers in LightSwitch to customize the appearance of rows, columns, headers, and grid lines.