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ComponentOne Preview for WinForms consists of two main components: C1PrintDocument (a powerful document generator) and C1PrintPreview (a full-featured print preview component). The C1PrintDocument is an invisible component representing a single generated document. It allows users to set up page settings including size, orientation, margins, and columns and to generate document content with a set of rendering methods. The C1PrintPreview component is a document preview component that adds many advanced features to the PrintPreview and PrintPreviewDialog components included with the .NET Framework. Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 compatible (VS2005, VS2008)

ComponentOne Preview for WinForms is sold as part of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and the ComponentOne Studio for WinForms.

It has been completely re-engineered to provide sophisticated printing and print preview capabilities for Windows Forms applications.

Preview for .NET 2.0 includes 7 new components that provide for a simple and efficient design-time experience. These components are:

  • C1PrintDocument
  • C1PreviewPane
  • C1PrintPreviewControl
  • C1PrintPreviewDialog
  • C1PreviewThumbnails...

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ComponentOne Studio Subscription Amnesty!
ComponentOne Studio Subscription Amnesty!
Customers with expired subscriptions can upgrade at the standard renewal rate, which is a 35% saving!
One software license is required per machine. Run-time royalty free. ComponentOne Preview for WinForms is sold as part of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and the ComponentOne Studio forWinForms. This...

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  • .NET WinForms
  • 100% Managed Code

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jasonAustralia5 star
If you require a high quality Word/Acrobat/Print document generator then I would strongly recommend ComponentOne's C1PrintPreview component, which is actually an incredibly powerful document creation... Read more

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