ComponentOne Preview for WinForms Features

Features of ComponentOne Preview for WinForms

C1PrintDocument Features:

  • Object-oriented document structure - All rendering objects (text, pictures, shapes, tables, etc.) have a common parent in the class hierarchy, which provides a convenient and uniform way to manipulate similar but different objects. Rendering objects can be reused as templates to aid in consistent presentation of your documents. A rich set of shortcut methods is also provided to allow you to perform simple tasks without having to create and manipulate rendering objects
  • Advanced table support, nested tables - Customize the presentation and layout of your document with ease using tables and nested tables. All parts of tables are accessible via an intuitive and familiar object model containing bands (header, body, and footer), rows, columns, and cells
  • Cascading style sheets - Take complete control over formatting attributes using cascading style sheets. All formatting properties of rendering objects are defined by styles. Style inheritance gives you the flexibility to make changes to the entire document or to customize individual object properties
  • Content flow and page layers - Place document content at a specific position on the page or render it into the block content flow to have C1PrintDocument automatically take care of content positioning, including automatic insertion of column and page breaks. Independently of content flow, each page can contain up to three overlapping layers
  • XML document storage - You can save and load documents, transfer the generated documents or their parts over the Internet, perform arbitrary processing of document content, and much more
  • Advanced text formatting - Use multiple fonts, colors, line spacing, horizontal and vertical text alignment and justification to fully customize your documents
  • Pictures - You can clip, tile, and zoom pictures (scale them while preserving aspect ratio). This is especially useful for handling pictures that come from databases and may have varying dimensions
  • Export to PDF - Full-featured export to Adobe PDF (with outline, graphics and embedded fonts) is available
  • Full-Featured Print Preview
  • Enhanced document navigation/manipulation - In addition to printing, the C1PrintPreview control provides a rich set of options such as text search, outline and page thumbnail views, zoom, and file load and save
  • Built-in customizable toolbar - Use the built-in, fully customizable toolbar with several predefined sets of icons (including an XP-style set) and mouse-over image highlighting to control print preview operations
  • Document Navigation – Allow end users to browse through the preview document, zoom in and out, and print! Navigation with the mouse wheel and keyboard is also supported
  • Standard .NET PrintDocument Viewing - View the standard .NET framework's PrintDocument objects or raw page images along with C1PrintDocument objects using the C1PrintPreview control