About ComponentOne Studio Silverlight

Illuminate your Rich Internet Applications with State-of-the-art Silverlight components.

ComponentOne Studio Silverlight Edition is a complete set of enterprise quality components in the Silverlight market with over 50 innovative Silverlight controls including grid, vector graphics, uploader, custom layouts, charts, maps, gauges and many more. ComponentOne Studio Silverlight complements the designer and developer workflow by supporting both XAML and code. ComponentOne Studio Silverlight components allow designers to create the ultimate user experience and provide developers a familiar, full-featured set of properties and methods. ComponentOne Studio Silverlight is also included in ComponentOne Studio and ComponentOne Ultimate.

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight Subscription Benefits

This subscription entitles you to minor and major updates of any of the products included in the ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight as well as any new products added to the ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight during one year.

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight has 3 releases per year and these are scheduled for the middle of the month in March, July and November each year.

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight is a comprehensive set of components and controls, including grid, chart, menu, treeview, file uploader, layout, data input, gauges, maps, image rotator, navigation, and more. Use Expression Blend to fully style ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight components, this allows developers to easily create rich graphical interfaces for their Rich Internet Applications.
Built with XAML, ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight controls promote collaboration in your team and fit seamlessly into your developer/designer workflow. Furthermore, you can take XAML from Silverlight and use it in your WPF application. ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight includes an annual product subscription so you receive updated components and controls throughout the year.

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight includes among others:

ComponentOne Chart for Silverlight
ComponentOne Chart for Silverlight makes it easy to add professional-grade charts to your Silverlight applications. The Silverlight chart control, C1Chart, supports multiple chart types including bar, column, line, area, pie, and more.

ComponentOne RichTextBox for Silverlight
ComponentOne RichTextBox for Silverlight allows you to load, edit, and save formatted text as HTML documents. The C1RichTextBox control provides rich formatting, automatic line wrapping and several types of HTML export (with CSS style sheets, inline styles, or simple tags only).

ComponentOne DataGrid for Silverlight
Robust Grid for Rich Data Visualization in Silverlight. Add advanced data visualization to your Silverlight applications with ComponentOne DataGrid for Silverlight. The robust data-bound C1DataGrid control makes it easy to display, edit, and analyze tabular data in Silverlight applications.

ComponentOne Menu for Silverlight
Menu Control for Custom Navigation in Silverlight
ComponentOne Menu for Silverlight provides Silverlight applications with a complete menu system. Use the C1Menu control to create menus in code or in XAML.

ComponentOne TreeView for Silverlight
Improve Navigation in Silverlight applications with Hierarchical Data Views. ComponentOne TreeView for Silverlight provides a hierarchical view of your data items. The C1TreeView control is similar to the TreeView controls available in WPF and Windows Forms, but provides additional features including keyboard-based search, drag-and-drop functionality, hierarchical templates, and more. Trees may be created in XAML or in code.

ComponentOne Windows UI for Silverlight
Generate Enhanced Dialog Windows in Your Silverlight applications
Replace standard browser dialog windows and message boxes with ComponentOne Window for Silverlight and ComponentOne MessageBox for Silverlight. The C1Window control shows content in a floating window within the Silverlight plug-in. Display a message to the end-user and optionally ask a simple question with C1MessageBox. Experience enhanced performance and ease-of-use with the rich client-side object model and time-saving customization.

ComponentOne Maps for Silverlight
Navigate the Earth with Interactive Maps for Silverlight.ComponentOne Maps for Silverlight raises the bar on image viewing with smooth zooming, panning, and mapping between screen and geographical coordinates. C1Maps allows you to display rich geographical information from various sources, including Microsoft Live Maps and Google Maps. Built on top of the Microsoft Deep Zoom technology, C1Maps enables end-users to enjoy extreme close-ups with high-resolution images and smooth transitions. It also supports layers that allow you to superimpose your own custom elements to the maps.

ComponentOne Book for Silverlight
Page-turning Book Control for Innovative Navigation in Silverlight.ComponentOne Book for Silverlight presents UIElement objects as if they were pages in a book. You can see two elements at a time, and turn pages with the mouse, just as you would turn pages in a regular paper book. The C1Book control provides page-turning effects and shadows that make the experience visually engaging and yet familiar.

ComponentOne Image Rotator for Silverlight
Rotate Images in 3D in Your Silverlight applications. ComponentOne ImageRotator for Silverlight provides a pseudo-3D rotating effect for images, similar to the Cover Flow view used in Apple's iTunes application or the famous scrolling credits in the opening of the Star Wars movies.

ComponentOne HtmlHost for Silverlight
Host Arbitrary HTML Content in Your Silverlight applications. Render HTML and arbitrary URI content from within Silverlight using ComponentOne HtmlHost for Silverlight. The HTML host control (C1HtmlHost) provides a frame that can host arbitrary HTML content, and display content from arbitrary URIs or HTML text.

ComponentOne Range Slider for Silverlight
Add Smooth Numeric Data Selection to Your Silverlight applications. ComponentOne RangeSlider for Silverlight extends the basic slider control and provides two thumb elements instead of one, allowing users to select ranges instead of single values.

ComponentOne Hyper Panel for Silverlight
Interactive Panel with Zoom Effects for Silverlight. ComponentOne HyperPanel for Silverlight is a StackPanel that provides an automatic zoom effect for items near the mouse. You can place any elements in the panel to achieve carousel-like effects and display a large number of elements in a relatively small container, without using scrollbars. The resulting effect is similar to the system toolbar seen in Mac OS X.

ComponentOne Layout Panels for Silverlight
Easy-to-use Panels for Arranging Content in Your Silverlight applications. ComponentOne Layout Panels for Silverlight provides a full suite of controls for arranging items on your Silverlight application. Create flow type layouts that wrap content vertically or horizontally using wrap panel control (C1WrapPanel). Dock content along the edges of the panel with the dock panel control (C1DockPanel). Neatly display content in a grid with columns and rows using the layout grid control (C1UniformGrid). Create a collapsible/expandable panel with the expander control (C1Expander) and header content control (C1HeaderContentControl). Present data the way you wish with this powerful group of controls making it easy for you to control the flow and positioning of the content.

ComponentOne ComboBox for Silverlight
Combo Box Control for Data-aware Silverlight ComboBox. ComponentOne ComboBox for Silverlight (C1ComboBox) is a full-featured combo box control that combines an editable text box with an auto-searchable drop-down list.

ComponentOne Numeric Box for Silverlight
Display and Edit Numeric Values in Your Silverlight applications. ComponentOne NumericBox for Silverlight provides a numeric text box (C1NumericBox) for displaying and editing formatted numeric values.

ComponentOne Masked TextBox for Silverlight
Validate Input in Your Silverlight applications. ComponentOne MaskedTextBox for Silverlight provides a text box with a mask that automatically validates the input.

ComponentOne Password Box for Silverlight
Secure Passwords in Your Silverlight applications. ComponentOne PasswordBox for Silverlight protects sensitive information by displaying special characters instead of the actual content being edited.

ComponentOne Color Picker for Silverlight
Allow End-users to Pick Colors from Pre-defined Palettes. ComponentOne Color Picker for Silverlight allows end-users to select colors from professionally-designed palettes, or to build their own custom colors including support for transparency.

ComponentOne Gauges for Silverlight
Generate Rich Dashboard-style Applications for Silverlight. ComponentOne Gauges for Silverlight includes two controls, C1LinearGauge and C1RadialGauge that provide an intuitive and attractive way to display information graphically.

ComponentOne Accordion for Silverlight
Microsoft Outlook-style Navigation Bar for Silverlight. ComponentOne Accordion for Silverlight displays a list of expandable items. Select an item to expand it and collapse all others, automatically organizing your UI and optimizing the use of screen real-estate.

ComponentOne Uploader for Silverlight
Upload Files to the Server from Your Silverlight applications.ComponentOne Uploader for Silverlight provides a simple and reliable way to upload files and streams to the server.

ComponentOne FilePicker for Silverlight
Select Files to Upload in Your Silverlight applications. ComponentOne FilePicker for Silverlight allows users to select files. The C1FilePicker control is similar to a combo box, except instead of showing a drop-down list, it shows a file picker dialog box.

ComponentOne Cube for Silverlight
3D Rotating Cube for Innovative Navigation in Silverlight. ComponentOne Cube for Silverlight presents information using a 3D metaphor. Put UIElement objects to faces on a cube, and then rotate the cube to show one element at a time.

ComponentOne Drag Drop Manager for Silverlight
Custom Drag Sourcing and Drop Targeting in Silverlight applications. ComponentOne DragDropManager for Silverlight provides support for drag-and-drop operations in Silverlight applications

ComponentOne Data for Silverlight
Comprehensive Framework for Creating Silverlight Database applications.ComponentOne Data for Silverlight is an implementation of the standard DataSet, DataTable, and DataView classes familiar to Windows Forms and ASP.NET developers.

ComponentOne Zip for Silverlight
Add Space-saving Zip Compression to Your Silverlight applications. ComponentOne Zip for Silverlight provides a complete implementation of the Zip compression standard. Improve the performance of your Silverlight applications by compressing the data sent over the wire. Use isolated storage efficiently and securely with data compression and encryption.

ComponentOne PropertyGrid for Silverlight
ComponentOne PropertyGrid for Silverlight allows you to easily create input form or edit any class. ComponentOne PropertyGrid for Silverlight includes more than 10 built-in editors and support for actions

ComponentOne TimePicker for Silverlight
Support for TimeStamp. Different time formats

ComponentOne DateTimePicker for Silverlight
ComponentOne DateTimePicker for Silverlight edits DateTime/Date or just Time values. ComponentOne DateTimePicker for Silverlight supports for different formats and it is localizable

ComponentOne DockManager for Silverlight
ComponentOne Dockmanager handles dragging and docking multiple windows in your application. Supports dockable, floating and tabbed windows, supports Microsoft Expression Blend-like, natural docking as well as can support Microsoft Visual Studio-like docking sliding windows using the pin/unpin feature.

ComponentOne TabControl for Silverlight

  • Closeable tabs: on the tab page level or globally for the entire TabControl.
  • Tab overlay (overlap) and alignment
  • Choose from Rounded, Rectangle or Sloped tab shapes
  • Dynamically add new tabs at runtime like Internet Explorer 8
  • Tab menu can display all available tabs in a menu for easy navigation
  • Tab scrolling (Next/Previous buttons) for when more tabs than space allows

ComponentOne Toolbar for Silverlight

  • Supports two kind of toolbars: C1ToolbarStrip and C1Toolbar (like Ribbon)
  • Similar look and feel to Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon UI (C1Toolbar)
  • Fill toolbars with groups, buttons, separators or any UI Element
  • Features an overflow drop-down menu for items pushed out of view