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Add the Office 2007, Visual Studio or Windows Media Player look and feel to your Windows Forms applications.

Published by Crownwood Software


This product has been declared End of Life by Crownwood Software and is no longer supported.


DotNetMagic is a suite of components that will allow you to add Office 2007, Visual Studio or Windows Media Player themes to your applications as well as a docking window system that offers all the features found in Visual Studio .NET including auto hide and docking indicators. DotNetMagic Office2007 look and feel includes the Blue, Silver and Black color schemes. DotNetMagic also includes Wizard, Tree, Menu, Tab components. TabbedGroups control provides the Tabbed MDI ability of organising documents as found in Visual Studio .NET.

DotNetMagic Overview

Docking Window System:

  • Mimics the Visual Studio .NET appearance
  • Multiple content in same row or column
  • Multiple content inside same docking window
  • Maximize/Restore windows in same row or column
  • AutoHide capability just like VS.NET
  • Floating or docked content
  • Full color customization
  • Layout persistence
  • Plus much more…

Beyond Tabbed MDI:

  • Mimics Visual Studio .NET and much more
  • Drag and drop pages between groups
  • Drag and drop to create new groups
  • Unlimited depth of groups within...
This product has been declared End of Life by Crownwood Software and support is being reduced this year. Any new license purchased now is supplied without support. Any existing customers who purchased...
Crownwood Software

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Component Type
  • .NET WinForms
  • .NET Class
  • 100% Managed Code
  • Source Code

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glenn.wilson Canada5 star
Great treeview that is very customizable. I've tried about 6 and this is the best. Fantastic support and the other controls that are included are well worth the purchase.

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