Highcharts Core Releases

Released: Jul 8, 2024

Updates in v11.4.6


  • Fixed issue with bad require tagging causing bad module references.

Released: Jul 4, 2024

Updates in v11.4.5


  • Fixed a regression causing broken imports of modules due to bad relative paths.
  • Fixed generated TypeScript declarations for deprecated option series.events.legendItemClick.

Released: Jul 2, 2024

Updates in v11.4.4


  • Refactored the series.turboThreshold option to be more forgiving. Instead of failing with a warning message, the Series class now silently skips the fast looping of raw numbers and processes the object configuration instead, at a slight performance cost.
  • Introduced a new event and option legend.events.itemClick, events.legendItemClick has been deprecated.
  • Added a new treemap.traverseToLeaf option which allows you to drill into the last possible leaf of Treemap series.
  • Text path support...

Released: May 22, 2024

Updates in v11.4.2


  • Added the option to set tooltip.animation as an animation object, not just a boolean as previously.
  • Added new pane.background.borderRadius and plotBands.borderRadius options for gauges.


  • Tooltip animation was not smooth.
  • legend.symbolWidth and legend.symbolHeight didn't change color axis dimensions if colorAxis.width or colorAxis.height were not set.
  • Redraw and drillupall events were called too many times during chart drill up.
  • Pixel alignment issues between grid lines, column...

Released: Apr 4, 2024

Updates in v11.4.1


  • Fixed a regression in v11.4.0 causing wrong min and max extremes for the selection event in column charts.
  • Bubble legend with color-axis moved after redraw.
  • Plot lines' HTML labels rendered incorrectly.
  • The highcharts.d.ts type definition file was too large and caused issues in editors. Moved majority of series options into separate definition files.
  • Fixed a regression with resetting zoom across synchronized charts.
  • Plot line CSS classes were not concatenated with spaces, causing the...

Released: Mar 5, 2024

Updates in v11.4.0


  • Added new option 'sankey.nodeDistance' and the ability to set 'sankey.nodeWidth' to auto. The same option pair is also supported by organization chart and treegraph series.
  • Enhanced pinch zoom behavior to redraw axes and series continuously.
  • Added new option 'organization.hangingSide' which allows nodes to hang from the right side in inverted organization charts.


  • Chart width exceeded container width on Windows when the chart itself caused page scrollbars.
  • Destroying a chart after...

Released: Jan 10, 2024

Updates in v11.3.0


  • Implemented native handling of 'time.timezone' option, making dependency on moment.js redundant.
  • Added new 'colorAxis.width' and 'colorAxis.height' options, allowing absolute or relative size.
  • Added new 'chart.axisLayoutRuns' option which allows opting in for more predictable axis tick and label layout, at the cost of performance.
  • Added new default legendSymbol for area series and its derivatives.


  • The focusBorder was not removed from SVGElement after the element had been unfocused...

Released: Oct 30, 2023

Updates in v11.2.0


  • Upgraded the build pipeline to benefit from new language features. Bundles are now compiled to ES2020 by the TypeScript compiler (*.src.js files), and minified by swc (*.js files).
  • Added support for multiple data labels on pie slices.
  • Added new 'sankey.nodeAlignment' option for the Sankey series to specify which side of the chart nodes should align.
  • Added new 'sankey.linkColorMode' option.
  • Added a feature to allow different symbols for upper/lower markers in area range and dumbbell...

Released: Jun 5, 2023

Updates in v11.1.0


  • Added support for mouse wheel zooming. This feature is embedded in the Highcharts Stock bundle, but requires an additional module file for the Highcharts bundle.
  • Added 'heatmap.interpolation' option for creating smooth heatmaps.
  • Added new function: Chart.getOptions(), to get the current active configuration options for the chart.
  • Added 'treegraph.fillSpace' option for treegraphs to fill the whole plot area even when some points are collapsed.
  • Added 'borderRadius' option support for...

Released: May 8, 2023

Updates in v11.0.1


  • Added new 'xAxis.crossing' and 'yAxis.crossing' options which make it easier to create axis layouts for mathematical plots.
  • Added new 'series.legendSymbol' option.


  • Sunburst circular labels did not work when the difference in value was small.
  • A regression in v11 causing the tooltip to not display in subsequent charts when the first chart in the web page was hidden.
  • Hidden overlapped data labels with useHTML on were still active for the mouseover event.
  • Fixed sonification issue...