IntelliJ IDEA Releases

Released: Jan 21, 2020

Updates in 2019.3.2


Frameworks Reactor

  • Highlight debug mode initialization when already initialized.
  • Settings tab for automatic debugging initialization.
  • onOperatorDebug in debugging reactor apps.

Frameworks Spring

  • Spring 5.2 reactive event model support.

Java Code Completion

  • No longer suggests APIs from JDK version higher then language level.

Lang FreeMarker

  • Support for freemarker 2.3.29.

User Interface Project View

  • Added the ability to "Copy path" relative to repository root.

No subsystem

  • [Web Types...

Released: Dec 18, 2019

Updates in 2019.3.1


  • Focus is not lost when you close a tool window and the editor tabs are in Split mode.
  • Focus is now returned to the editor after closing the Commit dialog.
  • Fixed the regression with the IDE hanging when performing a Subversion action.
  • Fixed a regression that prevented the Local Tomcat Service run configuration from waiting for a maven build to complete.
  • Properties of IDE panels are now saved.
  • The outputFilenameMapping property of maven-ear-plugin is now supported.
  • JBR 11 (default) was...

Released: Nov 28, 2019

Updates in 2019.3


  • Faster startup - One of the major performance improvements in this release is that startup times are shorter than ever. This release introduces substantial architectural changes to parallelize some of the tasks the IDE performs at startup so that they are not performed sequentially.
  • Reduced memory consumption - IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3 optimizes performance to reduce peak memory consumption when importing large Gradle projects.
  • Responsive UI - Over 1600 UI freeze reports have been fixed...

Released: Oct 29, 2019

Updates in 2019.2.4


No subsystem

  • IntelliJ throws error when importing a file.

Build. Built-in (JPS)

  • Regression intellij 2019.2 for annotation processors (lombok, mapstruct, ...)
  • Error reading module: project\target\classes
  • when PatternInstrumenter instruments code

Build. Gradle

  • Debugging hangs indefinitely when Gradle parallel execution is used
  • Module output paths not updated when toggling "delegate build to Gradle" option

Core. File System

  • Non-destructive "safe write" mode


Released: Sep 24, 2019

Updates in 2019.2.3


  • Core. Password Management - Allow storing passwords using KWallet.
  • User Interface - Make scrollbars more visible.
  • Dart - Add folding for "group" and "test" functions in Dart.
  • Data Views - Set NULL via typing.
  • SQL Generation - Procedure is missed in Generate menu.

Released: Sep 6, 2019

Updates in 2019.2.2



  • Wrap combination of chained method/property/field calls.

Services. Docker

  • Docker. Support --ulimit command line option.
  • --network is not a recognized docker build option.

User Interface

  • Skip minimised and fullscreen windows in Activate Next Window action.

Find, Replace, Usages

  • Automatically escape special symbols for "Find" and "Find in Path" dialogs if "Regex" ("Regular Expression") is checked.


  • 'Go To Test' feature for Dart.
  • New Dart folding: content between {...} in if and...

Released: Aug 21, 2019

Updates in 2019.2.1


No subsystem

  • Implement action for Slow Startup Profiling
  • Provide ability to copy a TBX link to a settings
  • soutp live template: take arrays into consideration
  • Redesign several indices to be able use prebuilt values
  • Intention action: wrap collections/map with Collections.unmodifiable* variant
  • API to provide custom labels for diff message in test tool window

Build. Gradle

  • Show tasks colors in Gradle tool window
  • Gradle Groovy syntax cannot resolve symbol 'exclude'
  • GradleDiagrams: Refresh...

Released: Jul 24, 2019

Updates in 2019.2



  • Java 13 - The IDE provides support for updated Switch Expressions and their new syntax: now if you need to return a value from a multi-line block in Java 13, you can use the yield keyword instead of break. Also added support for text blocks, which allows you to embed longer multi-line blocks of text into your source code, for example, HTML or SQL. With this feature, you paste across the two formats, either escaping values when pasting into a String or leaving out the escapes when...

Released: May 28, 2019

Updates in 2019.1.3



  • Added support for AngularDart.

JavaScript Frameworks

  • Warn against usage of private fields in Angular Templates.

Released: May 8, 2019

Updates in 2019.1.2



  • Run/Debug AIR Mobile config for iOS Simulator to allow configuring a Simulator device.


  • WildFly: Allow to configure connection timeout to management API.

Packaging and Installation

  • Publish modules required to build IntelliJ IDEA from sources as Maven artifacts.

Platform API

  • Provide an annotation which may be used to mark public elements which must not be used from external plugins.

JavaScript. Frameworks

  • Create-react-app: option to generate project with TypeScript...