About MadCap Central

Cloud-based content management.

MadCap Central is a cloud-based platform that lets you plan, track, and manage the processes, content, and teams that are at the heart of your organization. It allows you to extend your authoring capabilities with a powerful cloud-based platform for content and project management, hosting, build automation, task tracking, user permissions, team collaboration and more, all in one centralized location.

MadCap Central allows users to:

  • Upload Flare Projects: A copy of the project will reside in the cloud via Central.
  • Import Flare Projects: Import projects from Central uploaded by another user.
  • Assign Users to Projects: Assign users or entire teams to any project.
  • Manage Project Status: Set projects to Active, Archive or Lock (read-only).
  • Get Notifications: Get notified on specific activities related to the project.
  • And much more.

Improve content quality, gain greater insight into tasks and production schedules, work collaboratively with teams and departments, and automate processes to further extend the authoring and publishing capabilities of MadCap Flare.

  • Manage projects and content in one centralized location.
  • Host projects and content in the cloud.
  • Track and manage tasks with multiple task views.
  • Assign user permissions to control access and maintain content quality.
  • Collaborate with teams to manage projects efficiently.
  • Automate, manage and publish builds quickly and easily.
  • Get full project visibility with customizable dashboards and widgets.
  • Scalable for any size organization.