About MindFusion.JavaScript Pack

Grids, Diagramming, Scheduling, Charts and UI for JavaScript apps.

MindFusion.JavaScript Pack includes interactive JavaScript libraries that are easy to use and easy to customize. Users can perform a variety of actions on any of the JavaScript components included in the pack. Nodes can be dragged and dropped in diagrams, items - in menus and tree views. Legends can be dragged in charts. Charts and diagram nodes can be rotated. Users can scroll the grid in charts or the timeline in schedules. Appointments can by created interactively in calendars and tree nodes on demand in tree views. Users can type and edit the text in calendar events or diagram nodes.

MindFusion.JavaScript Pack Features


  • Various Data Types - The data types supported by the grid model include Date, DateTime, Lookup, Image, Integer, String, RealNumber and more. You can add your own data type by implementing the GridModel interface. Data can be filtered and sorted.
  • Cell Editors - The various cell editors provide a convenient way for users to edit cell data. The editors include combo box, which can contain values of your choice; an image picker; a customizable calendar that renders date and time values in a format you specify, and more.
  • CRUD Operations - Create, read, update and delete operations can be executed either through the UI or programmatically. Right-click on each grid row renders a context menu for add and delete of a row. Grid-columns can be read-only.
  • User Interaction - In-place edit of cells is fully supported and cells can render custom data editors. The grid control allows multiple selection of rows. Custom commands on grid rows can be executed. The rich event set allows you to handle any user action and cancel those you choose.
  • Fast Rendering - The Grid control uses row virtualization to draw only those cells that are currently visible. This approach greatly improves the speed with which data is visualized on the screen and makes browsing grids with thousands of rows fast and resource-efficient.
  • Appearance - The grid control supports theme-based appearance. The themes are in CSS format and you can freely edit them or replicate them in order to create a new theme. Conditional styling can be applied as well as custom drawing of cells. Data can be localized and rendered in a format of your choice.


  • Several user interaction modes   
  • Scroll, zoom, pan
  • Clipboard operations, undo/redo support
  • Grid alignment
  • Swimlane background grid
  • More than 100 predefined node shapes
  • Container and table nodes
  • Links with multiple segments and multiple labels
  • Automatic layouts and automatic link routing
  • Nodes with text, images and visual effects
  • Transparent and invisible nodes
  • Read-only diagram mode
  • Lock of diagram elements
  • Collapse/expand of hierarchies
  • Overview, NodeListView, Ruler and Zoom auxiliary controls
  • Export to SVG files


  • Several calendar views: timetable, resource, list, month, week range and month range
  • Recurring events
  • Reminders for items
  • Localization through XML files
  • Scrolling
  • Tool-tips
  • Interactive creation and modification of items
  • Rich event set
  • Export/import of calendar items or the whole schedule to/from XML/JSON files
  • Styling through CSS themes
  • Custom formatting of the date and time


  • Arrange plots and gauges in a dashboard
  • Dynamic layout system
  • Show multiple axes on each side of a plot
  • Text and image components
  • Each component can be placed inside border
  • Show multiple legends


  • Line, area, scatter, step, curve, bubble charts
  • Candlestick financial charts
  • Bar, column, overlay, stacked bar charts
  • Funnel charts
  • 3D bar charts
  • Pie, doughnut charts
  • Radar and polar charts
  • Candlestick financial charts
  • Multiple axes
  • Grid
  • Pan and Zoom
  • Styling through themes
  • Labels on chart elements
  • DateTime values
  • Hit testing
  • Multiple legends


  • Rich set of predefined gauges: clock, compass, car dashboard, thermometer, functions, equalizer etc.
  • Horizontal and vertical gauges
  • Several scales
  • Different pointers
  • Full appearance customization

Virtual Keyboard

  • Predefined keyboard layouts: standard, compact and extended
  • Custom keyboard layout
  • Keyboard creator tool
  • Key images
  • Customizable key size
  • Support of any language
  • Key-press event
  • Numerous keyboard themes
  • Styling through CSS


  • Works with any Tile Map Service (TMS)
  • Special property to credit the TMS provider with text and links
  • Multiple layers
  • Location markers with images and text
  • Customizable info bubbles (map pins)
  • Pan and zoom
  • Zoom control, layer control
  • Various events
  • Layer control


  • Properties to specify if users are allowed to close, drag, minimize, maximize and resize the window
  • CSS styling and themes
  • Possibility to load an HTML page as a template
  • Customiziation of the header/footer
  • Possibility to specify the size, pin and refresh the window
  • Various events, which are raised for any change throughout the window's life cycle.

Tab Control

  • Support of drag and drop
  • Unlimited number of TabPages
  • Styling through CSS and themes
  • Multiple selection
  • Customized tab size and tab strip size
  • Horizontal and vertical orientation
  • Possibility to collapse and scroll
  • Long list of events raised for user actions as click, selection, move, drag/drop etc.

Tab Page

  • Possibility to specify if users are allowed to drag and drop items and close the tab page
  • Custom headers and images
  • HTML pages can be set as templates
  • Tooltips


  • Tree nodes can be created interactively only when the user clicks on a parent to expand it
  • Styling through CSS and themes
  • Customizable item size
  • Unlimited number of items
  • Horizontal/vertical orientation
  • Multiple selection of items
  • Support of drag and drop


  • Load an HTML page as a template
  • Tooltips
  • Expandable nodes
  • Custom image and size


  • Custom item size
  • Unlimited number of items
  • Scrolling
  • Horizontal and vertical orientation
  • Styling through CSS and themes
  • Drag and drop
  • Numerous events raised for any type of user interaction


  • Customizable tooltip
  • Styling through CSS and themes
  • Custom images
  • Drag and drop


  • Support of drag and drop
  • Multiple selection of items
  • Close timeout
  • Styling through CSS and themes
  • Horizontal/vertical orientation
  • Unlimited number of items
  • Items can be created on demand only when the parent item is expanded
  • Numerous events for all actions users are performing / have performed on the control

Menu Item

  • Unlimited number of sub-items
  • Custom image
  • Tooltip
  • Templates
  • Support of drag and drop


  • Out-of-the-box Dialog instances: Confirm (Yes/No, OK/Cancel) Dialog, Input Dialog, Info Dialog
  • Possibility to allow or stop the users to drag, resize, maximize, minimize the dialog
  • Pin and refresh
  • CSS styling and themes
  • Custom header and footer
  • Custom icons
  • Modal dialogs
  • Numerous events for user interaction and control changes


  • Styling through themes and CSS
  • Offset and position
  • Event triggers
  • Various events