PocketChart helps you create and present workflow, flowchart, network, process, database ER diagrams, organizational, hierarchy and relationship charts and graphs. Its basic types of objects - boxes, tables, and arrows - can be grouped or attached one to another and combined in complex structures. The control provides more than 70 predefined node shapes, and allows for the creating of custom shapes. PocketChart has been tested with Visual Studio 2005, VS.NET 2003 and 2002 C# and VB.NET and is used for developing .NET CF applications on smart devices like Pocket PC..


PocketChart is a diagramming .NET CF component for mobile devices. It can easily be integrated with any application that uses the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework. With PocketChart you provide your application with a rich visualization tool, suitable for graphical illustration of:

  • Workflow processes
  • Object hierarchies and relationships
  • Graphs and networks
  • Entity-relationship (ER) / database diagrams
  • IVR systems
  • Industrial automation plans
  • Genealogy trees
  • Algorithms and flowcharts...

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Developer License - Licenses are perpetual. One license is required per developer. You are NOT required to pay any additional distribution, runtime, royalty, or per-end-user license fees. Site-wide...

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  • .NET WinForms
  • .NET Compact Framework
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