Spread.NET 17.1

Released: Apr 25, 2024

Updates in 17.1


Spread WinForms New Features

  • Error Bar Support in Charts - Spread charts now support error bars for the following series types:
    • Bar.
    • Line.
    • Area.
    • XYLine.
    • XYPoint.
    • ClusteredBar.
    • HighLowClose.
    • Candlestick.
  • Column Style for Group Footers - In this new release, Column Styles can now be set on group footers.
  • MultiOption CellType Compact Mode - The MultiOption CellType in Spread WinForms now supports a compact mode, which changes how a MultiOption CellType displays.
  • CellType Dialogs - The CellType Dialog has been updated internally to now use the built-in dialogue similar to the dialogs introduced in v17.
  • TabStrip Button Customization - The behavior of TabStrip buttons can now be customized via the TabStrip.ButtonClick event. In the following example, the code changes the default functionality of the previous and next TabStrip buttons. Instead of horizontally scrolling through the Sheet tabs, it will now also set the next or previous sheet as Active.
  • Double Click Fill Down - Formulas in Spread .NET can now be filled down by double-clicking on the fill handle at the bottom right corner of a selected cell. Doing so will automatically copy the formula down to the end of your data, matching the rows in adjacent columns.
  • Number Format for Status Bar - Numbers that appear in the Status Bar at the bottom of the Spread instance can now be formatted based on the same format as the active cell.