About SpreadJS

Complete JavaScript spreadsheet and data presentation components.

SpreadJS is a complete Enterprise JavaScript spreadsheet solution with over 450 Excel functions. Leverage the powerful, high-speed calculation engine and deliver true Excel-like spreadsheet experiences with zero dependencies on Excel. Populate 2 million cells in less than a second. Full support for React, Vue, Angular, and TypeScript.

SpreadJS Features

  • An Industry Leader in Spreadsheets - With over 25 years of experience creating award-winning spreadsheets for professional developers, GrapeCity already know what you want and need. Put the spreadsheet experience to work for you today
  • Powerful Calculation Engine Includes 450+ Functions - SpreadJS offers a complete function library that includes statistical and financial functions, dynamic arrays, and custom user-defined functions optimized for big data, complex calculations, and advanced Excel models.
  • A Complete Toolbox in One Spreadsheet Control - Leverage the extensive JS spreadsheet library API and powerful calculation engine to create analysis, budgeting, dashboard, data collection and management, scientific, healthcare, education, financial applications, and more.
  • Code-Free Extensibility and Customization with the SpreadJS Designer - Quickly design a complex spreadsheet layout using a familiar UI with the desktop designer app - no learning curve required. You can also load your existing Excel .xlsx template files and start being productive immediately for desktop and the web
  • Complete Document Control - Optimized to work in the browser for large and complex spreadsheet models, you can secure, manage, control and help eliminate risk while keeping the same spreadsheet functionality and ease of use they love online.
  • Deliver True Excel-Like Spreadsheet Experiences, Fast - Import, modify, and export your most complex Excel .xlsx spreadsheets. SpreadJS offers a complete Excel-like experience, including tables, charts, shapes, sparklines, conditional formatting, filtering, and an extensive library with no Excel dependencies to create the most advanced data visualizations.
  • Pure JavaScript with TypeScript, Angular, Vue, and React support - With no external libraries or frameworks like jQuery, your JavaScript spreadsheets are light, customizable, and easy to use in VSCode - and include support for Angular, React, and Vue.js
  • Optimize Your Web App Size and Speed in any Browser - SpreadJS is modular, so you only need to add what you use to your JavaScript spreadsheet apps, and this client-side component works in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, and is tested for all modern browsers.
  • Import/Export Excel Files in JavaScript Spreadsheet - No JavaScript spreadsheet is complete without full Excel import/export support. Import your most advanced Excel spreadsheets and then export your SpreadJS spreadsheet to XLSX, all with zero dependencies on Excel.
  • Visualize Data with Charts and Sparklines - Offer insight into your data with interactive charts and sparklines. With most Excel charts, interactions, and animations, your dashboards and analytical spreadsheets come to life.
  • Built-In Globalization - Select from the available cultures, create your own custom culture or use the CalcEngine Language pack to localize your applications. Adjust date masks, languages, number separators, currencies, enter functions using the local language, and more.
  • Better Excel Experience - Take advantage of tables, filtering, conditional formatting, and shapes to offer an expanded Excel-like experience.
  • No-Code JS Spreadsheet Design with Spread Designers - Choose from the powerful desktop Designer App or the convenience of the Web Designer - you’ll get code-free spreadsheet apps in no time.