About TechExcel DevSuite

Manage the entire application development lifecycle.

TechExcel DevSuite is a complete ALM (Applicaiton Lifecycle Management) solution covering requirements management, project planning, implementation tracking, and QA testing. It provides a single unified platform for both agile and traditional development, and comprehensive requirement traceability from concept through specification, planning, implementation, testing, and release. By facilitating access to information and communication between distributed development teams, DevSuite enables enterprises to improve the efficiency of the development processes and quality of their end products. TechExcel DevSuite provides development tools that enable developers to define and manage the entire application life cycle process. DevSuite seamlessly integrates the management of four key areas: requirements management in DevSpec, project planning in DevPlan, bug tracking in DevTrack, and testing in DevTest.

TechExcel DevSuite is a family of integrated application lifecycle management (ALM) tools that place knowledge management -- from ideas, to formal specifications, to competitive information to issue resolution and customer insight -- at the core of any product development initiative. By facilitating access to information and communication between distributed development teams, TechExcel DevSuite enables enterprises to improve the efficiency and quality of their end products. TechExcel DevSuite is composed of core components (the DevSuite Server), applications (DevTrack, DevSpec, DevPlan, and DevTest), and multiple add-on modules that operate in an n-tier architecture: TechExcel DevSuite enables software development organizations, regardless of size, to manage globally distributed development teams efficiently and effectively.

TechExcel DevSuite is built with the best-practice that knowledge - from ideas, to formal specifications, to competitive information to issue resolution and customer insight - is central to any product development initiative. By eliminating the silos of knowledge that exist between different teams and in different locales, DevSuite helps enterprises dramatically transform their development processes, increasing both the efficiency and overall quality of their end products. This strategy helps teams communicate better and reduce their cycle times, allowing the right products for the right markets to be developed in the shortest possible time. TechExcel DevSuite enables organizations to begin their quest for holistic knowledge-centric ALM at any point in their evolution.

DevSuite is a modular system. Each component can exist on its own. However, the applications can be seamlessly integrated in a variety of solutions. This integration provides new levels of traceability. Teams can now see requirements that have no implementation work, test functionality against a common set of specifications, embed designs with the information developers see for their work assignments, and report across a wide spectrum of project data.

DevTest Studio tracks and manages the complete quality lifecycle. DevTest Studio combines the award winning test management features of DevTest, the market-leading defect tracking features of DevTrack and TestLink for test automation into one specially priced, integrated solution.

DevTest Studio Key Benefits

  • Gain control over product quality with real-time test results reporting, tracking and analysis that let's you know what has been tested and what still needs to be done
  • Improve test standardization, re-use, and revision control using a centralized test library
  • Increase your team's productivity with reduced data entry, definable test interfaces, and process automation
  • Ensure ultimate accountability for all test phases with detailed histories of test cases, data and test results

TechExcel KnowledgeWise
The functional system to easily and efficiently collect, organize and refine informal ideas gathered from a wide variety of sources, such as internal ideas, feature requests, customer feedback, marketing requirements, and more into a centralized repository, as well as the underlying knowledge engine that supports the entire suite of products. Through this common set of knowledge access points, product teams - from executive management through to delivery management - has the visibility and access points appropriate for their environment and role.

KnowledgeWise provides:

  • Enterprise Wiki in a powerful, yet fun to use , method for editing knowledge.
  • Wiki book support for creating user guides and online help directories
  • Image base support for standardizing image management
  • Multi- media support for video, audio, and slide presentation
  • Integration with TechExcel Community for publishing Wiki-based user guides and Online Help so your customers have the opportunity to vote and provide comments to foster overall improvement

TechExcel DevSpec
Good product ideas may or may not be implemented - these are strategic decisions made by the product management team by balancing priorities, resources, and schedules. The strategic process of compiling conceptual knowledge (ideas) into formalized feature specifications is managed by DevSpec. More than just the refinement of ideas this formal process results in a commitment by the product management team to what features they will deliver in a final product release.

TechExcel DevPlan
Manages the transformation of concepts into formal strategic plans. DevPlan offers an intuitive planning hierarchy to formalize scope and optimize resource usage, team-based planning and calendaring capabilities. These features enable complete control over all product development projects from design planning to implementation and enables increased team efficiency and collaboration.

TechExcel DevTrack
Building on the strategic vision, deliverables and milestones of DevPlan, DevTrack manages the implementation process. DevTrack's powerful and flexible framework coordinates workflow, notification, escalation, routing, version control, activity tracking, QA testing, multi-release management and much more. Once an area of development is ready for implementation, DevTrack ensures that teams execute their tasks within the context of DevPlan's project breakdown structure. Designs and specifications are easily viewable by the DevTrack user so that no work is performed without an approved concept driving it; managers can also quickly identify areas that require design and schedule brainstorming sessions, or presentations of completed designs, in order to refine their vision.

TechExcel DevTest
DevTest helps QA teams manage every aspect of their testing process, from team management to test planning and analysis. Teams can create and manage release and test cycles, plan and assign tasks, execute test coverage, and submit product defects, all in a single application. The product manages functional regression testing, performance testing, and usability testing; what's more, each test case template is linked to a specific DevPlan feature so the test case owner has direct visibility to all feature-related knowledge.

Agile Studio

Agile Studio is the hybrid agile development platform for you to manage agile and traditional processes with the same set of tools. It consists of DevTrack, DevPlan, KnowledgeWise, and optionally DevSpec and DevTime. Agile Studio enables you to mix practices from multiple Agile methods, as well as elements from traditional development, to create the best balanced approach for your team.

What makes Agile Studio different?

  • Built in solution templates for agile and traditional development methods
  • Agile development integrated with resource and project management
  • Enhance existing waterfall and iterative projects by adding agile functions
  • Product backlog consists of both product features and implementation tasks
  • Product backlog fully integrated with requirement management for scalable agile

Agile Studio Components
KnowledgeWise is a Wiki and Wiki book enabled knowledge management tool. It empowers employees to efficiently manage documents, notes, images, and other digital assets.
DevPlan is a project planning and resource management tool. DevPlan supports agile development with built in features for burn-down reports, product backlog, stand up meetings, short iterations and more.
DevTrack is the market leading defect/task tracking and project implementation tool. DevTrack features advanced workflow automations and supports traditional and agile development with out-of-the box solution templates.

What is Agile Studio RM?
Agile Studio bundled with DevSpec, a premier requirement management tool. DevSpec is a wiki based requirements management tool. DevSpec makes agile development more scalable by integrating product-backlog with requirement management.

What is DevTime?
A time sheet management tool integrated with Agile Studio. It allows time sheets to be auto generated based on the time spent records at the task level. DevTime supports timesheet workflow and unlimited levels of team hierarchy for automated approval process management.

TechExcel DevTrack

TechExcel DevTrack is a leading task and defect tracking tool used by development teams of all sizes around the globe. Its configurable workflows allow DevTrack to meet the needs of any organization's development and QA processes, large or small.

TechExcel DevTrack Key Benefits

  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI): with the combined power, flexibility, ease-of-use, and competitive pricing, DevTrack gives you the best value
  • Increase developer satisfaction with subscription notifications and better process control
  • Fast deployment with easy installation and automated upgrades
  • Intuitive user interfaces reduces training time and gets users up to speed faster
  • System customization to suit individual demands: easily configured workflow rules that can be changed to control the business processes based on your organization's mission
  • Resolve issues efficiently with greater teamwork and collaboration between different users, teams, and even customers
  • Ensure no bug ever falls through the cracks with auto-routing and escalations
  • Universal access to DevTrack Web from any location using almost any browse


DevSpec allows teams to collaborate as they define and manage requirements, specifications, stories, and other artifacts. These artifacts can be edited in a familiar, easy to use Wiki interface by multiple team members. While users enjoy this simple editing view, there is a highly configurable process engine behind every action they perform. This gives DevSpec the ability to enforce a workflow, manage security roles, and track custom attributes for each item.

DevSpec Key Benefits

  • Define product or project requirements
  • Track what requirements are not covered by a development work items or test cases
  • Identify which features or functions in the design are not required internally or externally
  • Control requirement changes and view the impact of the implementation of such changes
  • Provide lifecycle traceability and review requirement implementation and validation