About WPViewPDF

PDF viewing component for Delphi and .NET.

wpViewPDF allows you to view PDF data that can be loaded from memory, file or stream. wpViewPDF has been developed as a Windows Class which makes it compatible with most Windows based development systems. wpViewPDF can be used to quickly display and print PDF files which were created with wPDF, wPDFControl or wRTF2PDF or with another library. It is directly embedded into your application. It supports ANSI text extraction and text find and highlight functionality.

The PDF (Portable Document Format) has been become extremely important. Today it is expected that an application is not only able to print its output, but also export it directly to PDF.  With WPCubed's tools, based on the wPDF engine many applications nowadays create PDF output.

With WPViewPDF Standard you can also display PDFs in your Delphi and .NET based applications.

WPViewPDF makes it possible to create PDFs as universal print and preview documents which can be stored, sent by e-mail and printed directly with WPViewPDF (or alternatively other PDF readers). Unlike many competing products WPViewPDF can even display large PDF files instantly due to its multithreaded architecture.

WPViewPDF can render most PDF files, it can load several PDF files which are then viewed as one and can add information prior to printing, such as page numbers or labels.

The user can select text and copy it to the clipboard or make bitmap snapshots. There is an integrated thumbnail and bookmark view and with Version 4 it is now also possible to add highlight and frame annotations. With the black-text annotation the selected text will get a black background which makes it impossible to read it after it was printed. (The text is not deleted)

WPViewPDF Version 4 is backwards compatible to version 3 but also implements a new action system which makes it possible to initialize the GUI of the viewing application (menu and toolbar) with a few lines of generic code (simply copy the code provided in the examples).

With WPViewPDF you get:

  • A VCL component for Delphi and C++Builder
  • A .NET control for 64bit and 32bit Windows
  • A DLL which exports some easy to use methods to be used, i.e. in C++
  • A OCX to be used in VB6

WPViewPDF is driven by different interface modules and the central engine DLLs which have been compiled with the latest compilers.

Based on WPViewPDF Standard Edition, the “PLUS” edition can save the PDF information from the viewer. This makes it a powerful PDF manipulation tool and makes it possible to load multiple PDF files and save them -combined- into a new PDF file.

WPViewPDF PLUS Features

  • Merge PDF files into a new file
  • Delete Pages (optionally they can stay visible and be marked with a red cross)
  • Extract Pages
  • add images (JPEG files) on certain pages
  • add text (scripted stamping)
  • export pages into multi page TIFF file (only 32bit applications)
  • read and fill text and checkbox AcroForm fields.
  • Print PDF file or save with new contents
  • add image, text and vector objects to a loaded PDF and save with this new elements
  • change file encryption and info items
  •  move selected pages using code
  •  move selected pages interactively (drag&drop)
  •  improved threaded painting for fast scrolling
  • Fill PDF forms directly in the viewer (edit fields, checkboxes)
  • highlight annotation
  • text background (the used can select text and the annotation will cover the area)
  • square annotation
  • symbols with Popups
  • squiggly underline annotation
  • text field annotations
  • checkboxes
  • move any existing annotation
  • delete any existing annotation
  • overlay objects
  • extract attached data