WPViewPDF Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for WPViewPDF, please contact our WPCubed licensing specialists.

Developer License: One software license is required per developer.
Team License: Allows up to 6 developers who are working on a product.
Site Wide License: Allows up to 20 Developers at a single physical address.
Corporate License: The Corporate License is valid for a unlimited number of developers within the same company or corporation within the same country. Please contact sales@componentsource.com for a price quote.

Run-time royalty free.

PLUS Editon
With the PLUS license you can save the PDF finformation from wpViewPDF which makes it a versatile PDF conversion software. This means you can load in multiple PDF files and save all pages into a new PDF file (=pdf merge, edit pdf).
Certain pages can be marked to be deleted, they will not be displayed by wpViewPDF. When you save the PDF file this pages will be removed. It is also possible to set new security properties (apply, remove encryption) and set property strings int this pdf conversion tool. The wpViewPDF Demo has the PLUS features enabled, but when a new file is created a red cube will be printed on all pages.

License Agreements

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May 20, 2020