WPViewPDF Releases

Released: Aug 30, 2019

Updates in 4.8.x


Updated Oct 8, 2020


  • Improved image support.
  • Updated engine libraries.

Updated May 12, 2020


  • Command (Set_PaintMode, 16) can now be used to disable rendering of all annotations.


  • Fixed possible AV in the DLL after a project was opened and page controls were used.
  • Fixed problem in 64 bit edition of MakeImage DLL.

Updated Nov 18, 2019


  • Improves text extraction.
  • AES decryption is now fault tolerant.


  • Font support DLL has been recompiled to...

Released: Jun 8, 2019

Updates in v4.7.3.1


  • Improves saving of check-box annotations.
  • Set a fixed zoom state for thumbnails.

Released: Feb 27, 2019

Updates in V4.7.1.0


  • Includes better support for formfilling (scrolling and TAB control) and calculated (separation) colors.

Released: Jan 21, 2019

Updates in V4.6.5.1


  • Updates font handling


  • Integrates a fix in the 64bit module for improved stability.

Released: Dec 13, 2018

Updates in V4.6.4.4


  • PLUS Edition improves the way attachments can be added to PDF files.

Released: Apr 20, 2018

Updates in V4.5.3.0


  • Improved CMYK image handling.
  • Improved support for XForms.
  • Improved rendering of PDF files.
  • Improved position calculation of text extracter.
  • Adds ability to read XML metadata stored within PDF files.

Released: Jul 10, 2017

Updates in 4.3.1


  • New COMPDF_Ann_Undo command allows you to enable and disable the UNDO buffer in the Plus edition.
  • Helps to reduce memory usage when doing automatic updates to annotations (form fields).

Released: May 4, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 4.1.2

You can now use WPViewPDF PLUS to create and fill PDF forms.

  • Create form fields: edits, memos, checkboxes, combox and listboxes.
  • Support for masks in edit fields (you can use java script one liner).
  • Show special cursor if in draw-object or highlight-text mode.
  • Tabbing in PDF forms now work over page boundaries.
  • New dialog to create form fields has been added to "PDFEdit.EXE".
  • Command COMPDF_ACRO_GET can be used to extract a list of acro-fields in the document (use ID=-5).
  • Fixes...

Released: Apr 6, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in V4.0.8

WPViewPDF V4 was developed to make it possible not only to view PDF files but also to really work with them. To make it easy to provide the user with a powerful GUI a new action system has been integrated. It makes it possible to automatically initialize the menus and toolbars required. Most work has been put into the draw object and the new annotation system. Now it is possible to offer the user the possibility to add annotations to the PDF information. It is also possible to...

Released: Oct 31, 2011

Updates in this release

Updates in V3.0

  • Multi-threaded scrolling window for fast reaction on scroll and zoom commands
  • Optional thumbnail window
  • Completely new rendering based using floating point coordinates
  • Much improved support for embedded fonts, such as subset fonts
  • Updated image rendering for faster display of large JPEG images and anti aliased display of monochrome images
  • Support for Type3 fonts
  • Support for LAB colors and transparent colors
  • Improved Acro-field rendering, read and update (with PLUS)
  • Faster...