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  1. dotConnect for Oracle

    Brand: Devart
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    Fast database connectivity with database-specific features.

    dotConnects offer you both high performance connectivity ... to the supported databases and a number of innovative development tools ... and technologies. They support a large number of database-specific features, ...

  2. dotConnect adds Oracle TimesTen database support

    database implemented DbTransactionBase class added ...

  3. LinqConnect

    Brand: Devart
    Price Range: Price Range

    Monitor and analyze all the LinqConnect database calls.

    the database calls, made by LinqConnect components in your application. ...

  4. About LinqConnect

    Advanced LINQ to SQL tool for databases. LinqConnect ... better provider-specific SQL code. Wide Database Support - ... PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases, and supports all their scalar data ...

  5. CodeAssist

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    Connecting To A Database

    have access to a structured data source. Adding a database ... to your workspace provides the necessary connection. ...

  6. About CodeAssist

    and Database connections so that they can be opened simultaneously Code ... be re-used to generate different types of code Database Browser ... permits viewing of all details of a database without using outside ...

  7. Red Gate SQL Developer Suite

    SQL Source Control

    Connect your databases to your source control system. ...

  8. About Red Gate SQL Developer Suite

    Award-winning tools for database comparison, productivity, ... database changes are safe. It includes SQL Source Control, SQL ... and take your first steps in Database Lifecycle Management. Red ...

  9. TeeChart.NET for Xamarin.Android

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    What's New in TeeChart.NET for Xamarin.Android

    and zooming individually and also its directions. New database ... connection tutorial. ...

  10. dotConnect for PostgreSQL

    Brand: Devart
    Price Range: Price Range

    About dotConnect for PostgreSQL

    access to PostgreSQL database for the Microsoft .NET Framework ... Framework support Connection pooling feature Fill DataSet ...

  11. What's New in dotConnect for PostgreSQL

    with connecting to PostgreSQL databases of version 8.0 and earlier via ... ASP.NET Identity 2.0 support Fixed bug mapping numeric database ... objects is fixed The bug creating foreign keys in SQLite databases ...

  12. dotConnect for MySQL

    Brand: Devart
    Price Range: Price Range

    dotConnect Oracle validates connections

    V6.0 Added the 'Validate Connection' connection ... string parameter to validate a connection from a pool Fixed bug ... Connection string parameter to validate connections from pools. ...

  13. About dotConnect for MySQL

    for MySQL provides functionality for connecting to MySQL database ... provides functionality for connecting to MySQL database, executing ... SSL connection to MySQL server and SSH client forwarding ...

  14. dbForge Fusion for MySQL

    Brand: Devart
    Price Range: Price Range

    dbForge Fusion gains HTTP tunneling

    tunneling implemented Public key authentication for SSH connections ... supported More flexible setting of connection character set ... implemented Performance on large databases has been improved Stored ...

  15. What's New in dbForge Fusion for MySQL

    Database connectivity support including MySQL 5.6, MySQL 5.7, ... faster and more convenient Database connectivity optimized. ... Better performance while opening connections, managing database ...

  16. JDataConnect

    Brand: JNetDirect
    Price Range: Price Range

    About JDataConnect

    to legacy database systems by bridging the connection from JDBC ... Connectivity (ODBC) database drivers exist. Microsoft Access, Excel, ... Quickly connect Java applications to data sources. ...

  17. JDataConnect Prices

    Single Server/Three Connections Mfr. Part No: JSQL500-GRP Our ... Server/Three Connections - with DirectPath Maintenance and Support Mfr. ... Group License (per CPU) Single Server/Three Connections - ...

  18. dotConnect for SQL Server

    Brand: Devart
    Price Range: Price Range

    About dotConnect for SQL Server

    Server-based database applications. As part of the Devart database ... both high performance native connectivity to SQL Server ... application architecture, boosts productivity and leverages database ...

  19. dotConnect for SQL Server updated

    Wednesday, December 2, 2009 - 21:11 Updates in V2.15 Integration with improved dbMonitor added Added some DataSet Wizard design-time improvements Fixed bug with DataLink.DataSource property after regeneration of DataSet Version 2.15 adds improved integration with dbMonitor, DataSet Wizard design ...