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ExcelDataGenerator is the brand behind 'The Excel Data Generator' which was created to generate no-code, point and click, synthetic, test, and sample data for Microsoft Excel Users. The first version was released in 1996 and has been used on hundreds of projects over the last two decades. The software has been ported to dozens of hardware, software, and network platforms since the earliest days. As the importance, volume and value of data increased, ExcelDataGenerator developed a port of the...

The government needed a web app simulated with real cloud data in curl formats to be hosted in the Classified Cloud. The CTO at Synthetic IO (ExcelDataGenerator) made this happen in a classified environment in three weeks. Simply revolutionary.

Paul S, Manager, Aerospace Government Contractor.

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The Excel Data Generator v1.0
The Excel Data Generator v1.0
Design and generate synthetic data inside the MS Excel Worksheet Environment.

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