ActiveReports.NET 15.2

Released: Sep 14, 2021

Updates in 15.2


  • Added new TXT Export for Printing Tabular Reports to an ASCII Printer.
  • Desktop End-User Report Designer Customization - While you have always been able to customize ActiveReports' End-User Report Designers, in this release, the process of controlling the ability to add data sources, datasets, and parameters in the Desktop End-User Report Designer has been simplified.
    • Added an "EnabledNodes" property to the Report Explorer component to control the ability of an end-user to add new data sources, datasets, or parameters. By default, this property is set to "all", which allows users to create new connections and parameters.
  • Localizing Page/RDL Charts at Runtime - Added the ability to localize charts in your Page and RDL reports. You can now use localization resources to localize chart properties, similar to other controls:
    • Chart's header title.
    • Chart's footer title.
    • Chart's axis titles.
    • Chart's legend title.
  • Web Report Designer Events - The Web Report Designer now offers increased functionality and ease-of-use for end-users, as well as customization options for developers. A few handlers have been added to make that customization that much better.
    • Added an onBeforeRequest method, which enables developers to add custom headers for the Web Report Designer's requests. This method is added to the designerOptions.sever, which receives an HTTP request init object as an argument. This object can then be changed and returned.
    • The following new handlers have been added to help you better control the implementation of the Web Report Designer in your application:
      • onBeforeSave (or onBeforeSaveAs) - An async handler that cancels the saving process if returned false.
      • onAfterSave (or onAfterSaveAs) - Handler that is called when a report is successfully saved.
      • onBeforeOpen - An async handler that cancels the opening of a document if returned false.
      • onAfterOpen - A handler that is called when a document is successfully opened.
      • onBeforeCreate - An async method that cancels the creation of a document if returned false.
      • onAfterCreate - A handler that is called when a document is successfully created.