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ComponentOne Chart ActiveX is no longer available individually. It can be bought as part of ComponentOne Ultimate and ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX. Existing customers can renew ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX or upgrade to ComponentOne Ultimate or ComponentOne Studio Enterprise.

Create and customize virtually any type of chart.

ComponentOne Chart provides hundreds of properties and methods to create an unlimited variety of charts with variations of color, style annotations, and perspectives, including: Bar, Pie, Area, Line, Polar, Ribbon, Bubble, 3D Scatter, and many more. ComponentOne Chart supports data binding to any data source, allows you to use bitmap or metafiles as background images, and even supports exporting the charts in JPG and PNG formats. ComponentOne Chart ActiveX is 64-bit compatible.

Component Type
  • ActiveX DLL

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Latest News

ComponentOne Studio Subscription Amnesty!
ComponentOne Studio Subscription Amnesty!
Customers with expired subscriptions can upgrade at the standard renewal rate, which is a 35% saving!
C1 adds 64-bit ActiveX charting
C1 adds 64-bit ActiveX charting
ComponentOne Chart now features 64-bit support for better performance and larger memory allocation.
C1 products now available individually
C1 products now available individually
For a limited time only: ComponentSource offers individual ComponentOne products for sale.


espua (Malaysia)
This review is written based on the feedback for their 2D chart component.
The demonstration samples install routine which requires you to sit at the PC for what seems like an eternity clicking endless OK dialog boxes (while binaries build, or something) is utterly tedious. I haven't looked at the product yet. In fact I am not going to bother.
This is not a tool for quick implementation of charting functionality. Has excellent capability but some drawbacks. Sometimes the object hierarchy seems overly complex and confusing, this is not helped by poor documentation. You can achieve almost any charting task with this control if you are prepared to write the math code to back it up.
Extremely hard to use, found that Dundas Software's ASP charting is much easier and looks great!
As with all of the VSFlex and other ComponentOne controls, this baby just rocks! I spent a full day trying to get another competitor's product working and couldn't. In just over 5 hours, I had the full-featured demo up and running against my real-time data.
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