ComponentOne True DBGrid for WinForms Features

Features of ComponentOne True DBGrid for WinForms

True DBGrid for .NET Features:

Rich scrolling capabilities
Track the location of the scroll bar and give users an informational pop-up as the scroll bar moves.

Automatic column sizing (Spring Mode)
Keep you data viewable by resizing columns proportionately whenever the grid is resized horizontally.

Enhanced keyboard navigation
Control the relative position of the next cell, using the DirectionAfterEnter property, when users press the Enter key.

FilterBar data entry row
Implement custom end-user operations, such as incremental search and recordset filtering.

Tag property
Attach any type of object to a column.

Merge contiguous like-valued cells
Merge adjacent rows of like-valued data from a specified column into a noneditable cell, or display all cell values individually.

AutoDropdown and AutoCompletion properties
Simplify data entry by reducing the number of keystrokes needed for dropdown selection.

Automatic grid cell translation to True DBDropDown values
Connect a TDBDropDown control to a table containing a value and a representation—the dropdown will automatically map the representation to the value.

Robust print options
Control printing fully with features such as zoom, fit in window, stop pagination, and print preview.

ComponentOne True DBGrid for WinForms has the top features that you’ve come to expect from the popular ActiveX control, True DBGrid Pro. Here's a sampling:

Multiple display modes
Present data in the format that’s most useful for you: standard Outlook-style grouping that dynamically sorts grid columns; Hierarchical Data Display that offers enhanced Master-Detail presentation and fully editable, dropdown views; Form View that repositions data in a standard “form” that can be modified as needed; and Inverted View that repositions rows as columns to provide a convenient “read down” format.

Microsoft Word- and Excel-like style model
Customize the grid’s appearance with font, color, picture, and formatting specifications. From column and row foreground text wrapping, it’s easy to make the grid look the way you want it to.

Horizontal and vertical splits with customized scrolling
Split the grid horizontally, vertically, or both! Plus, you have control over scrolling behavior: choose to have scroll bars work independently in each split (great for users who need to compare field values from records in different sets of rows) or opt for one scroll bar to scroll multiple splits simultaneously, for example.

True DBGrid for .NET 2D and 3D cell display
Choose two-dimensional, three-dimensional, or a combination of the two to control cell appearance to your specifications. For example, you may wish to allow mouse-over elements to acquire a 3D appearance.

True DBGrid for .NET Excel-style cell selection
Choose not only any row or column, but also any range of cells.