About ComponentOne WebGrid for ASP.NET

Display items from a data source in a customizable table on the web.

ComponentOne WebGrid for ASP.NET is a suite of ASP.NET components that are compatible with the Microsoft DataGrid. In addition to the standard DataGrid features, ComponentOne WebGrid for ASP.NET includes advanced features that enable developers to build intuitive, professional-looking Web applications quickly and easily. Compatible with Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 (VS2005, VS2008). C1WebGrid control can use AJAX without having to write client-side JavaScript code.

ComponentOne WebGrid for ASP.NET is part of the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise and the ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET

ComponentOne WebGrid for ASP.NET Feature and Benefits:

  • Customized grid formatting - The C1WebGrid component can be customized to automatically create columns, display borders and gridlines, and allow editing within the grid to sort data and much more
  • Customized paging - You can determine how to display C1WebGrid data on multiple pages as well as how the pagers appear. Pagers can be displayed numerically, as Next and Previous buttons or you can even create your own style
  • Interactive features - You can implement interactive features such as Outlook-style grouping, which allows you to drag and drop a column to group on that column
  • Grouping with Aggregates - You can group data, create trees with expandable and collapsible nodes, and automatically calculate data aggregates to be placed in the group header and footer rows
  • Row Merging - The RowMerge property allows you to merge rows containing identical text. This feature can be used to create streamlined and well-organized grid
  • ValueLists - By creating a ValueList dictionary and setting the ValueList property, you can replace the text appearing in a grid with your own

By setting a few simple properties, the C1WebGrid control can leverage the power of AJAX without having to write client-side JavaScript code. You can use AJAX callbacks on the following:

  • Paging
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Outlook grouping
  • Editing