LightningChart .NET Releases

Released: Feb 13, 2024

Updates in v11.0.1.1


  • New .NET target framework
    • In the previous versions of LightningChart .NET, the .NET target framework was 4.6.2 or earlier. But, in this release, LightningChart .NET will be targeting Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 and .NET 6.0. The new built editions will be available for:
      • WinForms.
      • WPF non-bindable.
      • MVVM bindable version of WPF.
  • .NET Interactive Examples App
    • Improved the LightningChart .NET Interactive Examples app. You can now extract example code as .NET 6.0 projects.
    • Example code can...

Released: Jan 8, 2024

Updates in v10.5.1.1


  • Added support for Microsoft .NET 8.

Released: Jun 16, 2023

Updates in v10.5.1


  • DataCursor functionality enabled for all 3D, Polar and Smith series. DataCursor allows the user to explore a series and the closest value to the mouse cursor will be automatically tracked.
  • 3D TransparencyRenderMode property is now available for 3D surface series. The new feature helps to mitigate artifacts and improve translucent object handling in the chart.
    • SurfaceGridSeries3D.
    • SurfaceMeshSeries3D.
    • WaterfallSeries3D.
    • PointLineSeries3D.
  • LightningChart now offers 3 options for handling...

Released: Feb 8, 2023

Updates in v10.4.1


  • DataCursor: new feature for automated data tracking in the chart.
    • Now, all the ViewXY series can be explored using DataCursor. This is a new class/object that shows the series data value at or near the mouse position.
    • The DataCursor class consists of X&Y axis labels, a result table, a color bar, and haircross lines. Each individual item of the DataCursor can be configured.
    • To avoid any backward compatibility breaks, the visible property of the DataCursor is disabled by default. Each...

Released: Aug 2, 2022

Updates in v10.3.2


  • Added seven new technical indicators to the TradingChart control. These are:
    • Accumulation/Distribution.
    • Average Directional Index.
    • Commodity Channel Index.
    • Ichimoku Cloud.
    • On-Balance Volume.
    • Parabolic Stop-and-Reverse (PSAR).
    • Percentage Price Oscillator.
  • Added five new drawing tools to the TradingChart control:
    • Elliot Wave.
    • Head and Shoulders.
    • Pitchfork.
    • Triangle.
    • XABCD Pattern.
  • The TrackLineSeries and SolveYValue features are now available for the LineSeriesCursor. These features help...

Released: May 25, 2022

Updates in v10.3


  • New and Faster Line Series - SampleDataBlockSeries remains the fastest series to display float/double type of data. However, it requires fixed interval progressive x-value data. This release introduces faster versions of many existing line series, for which this requirement is less strict or not applicable. These series use less resources (CPU and RAM) compared to the existing series (which allow to visualize an order of magnitude more points on the same PC). The new series also offer...

Released: Dec 16, 2021

Updates in v10.2.1


  • Adds support for Microsoft .NET 6
  • UWP charts are now fully compatible with Microsoft Store.
  • Improves the performance and stability of the SampleDataBlockSeries.
  • Better support for DPI awareness and particularly, per-monitor awareness.
  • New chart type - half doughnut/donut.
  • New feature allows canceling the rectangle-zooming in ViewXY, ViewPolar and ViewSmith by pressing down the Esc-key.
  • A polished appearance and behavior of Annotation.
  • Two new technical indicators for the TradingChart...

Released: Jul 9, 2021

Updates in v10.1


  • Performance improvements and SampleDataBlockSeries
    • Zooming and panning of large IntensityGridSeries (heatmaps) when using PixelRendering is up to 100 times faster. CPU load decreases from 80% to 20%.
    • Improved PointLineSeries3D rendering speed and interaction. Data point tracking is up to 40 times faster.
    • Improved chart rendering when thousands of annotations are used. Rendering and chart interaction is 10-50 times faster.
    • Polar chart with thousands of Sectors performs up to 10 times...