About MadCap Capture

Screen captures made easy.

MadCap Capture lets you easily capture anything that is displayed on your computer screen. You can capture window panels and entire screen shots as an editable image. Advanced editing features allow you to further enhance captured images by adding text callouts, cursor arrows, special effects and more.

MadCap Capture is a state-of-the art software program that lets you easily capture anything that displays on your computer screen and enhance the image using a variety of features.

Capture is part of MadCap Software’s integrated suite of native XML, multi-channel authoring software. Like the other products in this suite, Capture is a flexible, open-architecture application that produces XML files with Unicode support for all left-to-right languages.

MadCap Capture Features

  • Batch Processing of Images - Apply image profiles to folders and subfolders.
  • Time Delay - Capture open drop-down menus.
  • Fully Integrated - Enjoy tight integration with other MadCap products including MadCap Lingo, Flare and Mimic.
  • Content Reuse - By adding variables to callouts and images for example, there's no need to recapture or reinsert images into your documentation when text or version changes are required.
  • Ease of Use - Edit and enhance images captured from your screen in a familiar, user-friendly interface.
  • File Support - Create images in industry standard file formats including BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF.

Steps for capturing and creating images
Almost every task that you perform in Capture falls under one of three basic steps.

  • Capture/create - Use one of several methods (e.g., Full Screen, Active Window, Region) for capturing an image on your computer. You can also create a new blank image based on a profile.
  • Edit - Make any necessary changes to the image, such as cropping or resizing the image; adding callouts, text, and effects; or adjusting the image quality.
  • Save - Save the image using the appropriate file type. You can also easily incorporate it into a MadCap Flare project.