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633 Trumbull Ave
Novato, CA 94947
United States

About Inabyte

Founded in 1996 Inabyte Incorporated is a rapidly growing software and professional services company based in Novato, California., providing high-quality solutions and services for developers running on Windows platforms. Working in one of the fastest growing segments of the personal computer market, the company's goal is to expand its core consulting services operations as it builds industry-leading developer tools and consumer applications software. Inabyte has a diversified line of developer tools for increasing productivity and provides a wide range of solutions for its diverse client base, including custom-written applications, original source programming, program design and architecture, client-server systems, Industry Standards and software internationalization and Technical documentation and specification writing.

Inabyte has built a solid reputation as one of the leading programming consultancies in the San Francisco Bay Area. From this base, the company is building an industry-leading developer tools and consumer applications software business.