About LightningChart JS

Lightning-fast, interactive and responsive 2D and 3D JavaScript charts for Web and mobile.

LightningChart JS is a WebGL-based, GPU accelerated and cross-platform charting library that has been developed to deliver outstanding performance for the most demanding data-driven applications. Performance is up to 10M+ of data points in real-time. LightningChart's charting library combines incredible speed with sturdy load capacity. Optimized for demanding industries like engineering, healthcare engineering and medical devices, industrial process control, and scientific use. LightningChart JS includes several framework application development templates for technologies such as iOS, Android, React, Vue JS, ASP.NET, Blazor, Xamarin and more.

LightningChart JS Offers an Intuitive User Experience LightningChart JS charting library is an advanced data visualization solution for web applications development providing UI touchscreen interactions, a high DPI rendering support, legend boxes, server-side rendering, fluid animations and currently, a visualization capacity of 10 million data points in real-time.

  • Dashboard
    • Easy and convenient to manage dozens of charts, legend boxes, buttons, check boxes and other UI elements.
    • Resource-efficient rendering of all charts in one GPU scene makes resizing columns and rows very fast.
  • Interactive Charts
    • JavaScript Charts with smooth animations exceeding all industry standards in the amount of data per chart.
    • Intuitive touch screen interactivity with zooming, panning, moving data cursors etc.
  • WebGL rendering
    • GPU acceleration & WebGL rendering ensure that your device’s graphics processor is utilized efficiently, which results in an outstanding execution performance.
  • Server side rendering
    • LightningChart JS supports Server side rendering. It can be used with the headless package available in npm.
    • Use LightningChart charts in a server application to produce high-quality chart images.
  • Online Resources
    • With LightningChart JS you have an abundance of resources to get familiar with the library.
    • API documentation, interactive examples and more.

LightningChart JavaScript Features

  • Optimized for real-time data visualization and high-speed streaming data.
  • Fully GPU accelerated (WebGL).
  • Zooming and panning, with mouse and touch-screen.
  • Dashboard to manage layout of several charts and resize them:
    • Resource-efficient rendering of all charts in one GPU scene.
    • Columns and rows definition.
    • Objects column and row spans definition.
    • Columns and rows can be resized with built-in splitters.
    • Cells for UI Elements and Legends.
  • Legend boxes.
  • High DPI rendering support.
  • Server side rendering.
  • Support for Application / Intranet deployment.
  • Themes:
    • Use themes to quickly style the look of your charts / dashboard.
    • Multiple preset themes, such as ‘dark’, ‘light’, ‘auroraBorealis’ to choose from.
    • Customize themes or make your own from scratch.
  • All common transitions have toggleable, fluid animations.
  • Develop with JavaScript or TypeScript.
  • Example templates available for the following frameworks and solutions:
    • Android.
    • React.
    • Angular.
    • Vue.js.
    • Blazor.
    • Node.js headless server side application.
    • TypeScript.
    • HTML.
    • ASP.NET.
    • iOS.
    • Uno Platform.
    • Electron.
    • Xamarin.

DataGrid Component
LightingChart JS introduced a new optional DataGrid component in v4.0.0. You can use this as an additional grid control in conjunction with LightningChart JS.

  • A Top-Level UI Component - Use the DataGrid component as a standalone control or as part of a dashboard. Integrate it into front-end apps or use it together with other LightningChart JS visualizations and controls.
  • A Limitless Grid Control - The new DataGrid control is flexible and features an unlimited number of rows and columns. Use it as a data table, a drill-down menu, or a sophisticated real-time status monitor.
  • Supporting All Types of Content - Complement your data analysis with rich and varied content formats including text, numbers, images, icons, spark charts, and more. Easily specify the content type at any time such as when the data change.