LightningChart JS Releases

Released: May 17, 2023

Updates in v4.1.0


  • Added support for dashed lines - Dashed line patterns are now available for line-based series, grid lines and constant lines.
  • Custom ticks in 3D charts - You can now manually place custom ticks within 3D charts.
  • Flat themes - Flat color themes are simple yet elegant color variants that are now available via GitHub. The flat themes are now available as open-source for those users who would like to use them as a reference for creating their own themes. This can help you develop a custom...

Released: Feb 6, 2023

Updates in v4.0.0


  • Next Generation Color Themes:
    • darkGold.
    • cyberSpace.
    • turquoiseHexagon.
    • light.
    • lightNature.
    • Custom - create your own Next-Gen color themes.
  • New DataGrid Component
    • The DataGrid component is a novel feature introduced as a stand-alone component that can allocate numbers and text grids.
    • DataGrid has built-in formatted coloring and spark charts for displaying historical trends in small spaces.
    • DataGrid is sold separately as an expansion pack for LightningChart JS users.
  • Sweeping Line Charts...

Released: Feb 2, 2022

Updates in v3.4.0


  • Geographical visualizations. Includes two brand new Covid-19 map charts and dashboards.
  • Official support for data gaps. It is now possible to remove gaps between data points in 2D line visualizations.
  • Quality improvement for line series. 2D line visualizations are now visually smoother and sharper.
  • First library to support palleted lines. Used to dynamically color a line series based on a different dataset or XY coordinates.
  • Google Static Maps API + LightningChart JS. It is now possible...

Released: Dec 1, 2021

Updates in v3.3.0


  • WebGL 2 Support - LightningChart JS v.3.3.0 is now fully compatible with WebGL 2.
  • Image Fill Styles - This release includes the Image Fit Styles feature that will allow users to place external images and videos inside charts. This is particularly helpful when trying to customize your project with backgrounds and image markers.
  • Added new Geospatial Data Map Chart - Based on a background map with a heatmap laid over it.
  • Added new 3D Ellipsoid Chart - A 3D version of the current confidence...

Released: Sep 22, 2021

Updates in v3.2.0


  • Added:
    • Added 'DateTimeTickStrategy.setCursorFormatter' for easy modification of cursor ticks formatting.
    • Added 'NumericTickStrategy.setCursorFormatter' for easy modification of cursor ticks formatting.
    • Added 'TimeTickStrategy.setCursorFormatter' for modification of cursor ticks formatting.
    • Added 'axis.setThickness'
      • This can be used to control the width or height of axis depending on whether it is the axis Y or X axis.
    • Added primitive draw mode to 'LineSeries3D' and 'PointLineSeries3D'...