What's New in SharpShooter Collection.Professional

What's New in SharpShooter Collection 7.0.1

  • Added: Redo button in the designer;
  • Added: Ability to open the widget with wizard and merge;
  • Added: Open and Merge function in the designer;
  • Added: Bindings for Start and CenterPoint of all linear gauges;
  • Added: Scale Maximum and Scale Minimum are now real. Fixed: Issue with ticks length;
  • Fixed: Incorrect docking;
  • Fixed: Serialization of PictureSet and other elements;

What's new in SharpShooter Collection 7.0

SharpShooter Reports.Web

  • New: Excel export dialog. Now users will be able to set export options before saving a report to a file;
  • New: PDF export dialog. Now users will be able to set export options before saving a report to a file;
  • New: Ability to pass parameters form code to export;
  • New: Ability to add custom headers for Ajax requests sent by the report viewer to the server;
  • New: Search through a report;
  • New: Ability to localize report viewer skin;
  • Improved: Creation of web report viewer with just 4 lines of code;
  • Improved: Setting parameters value;
  • Improved: Informative error messages;
  • Fixed: Correct output of overlapping report elements in the web report viewer and in HTML export;
  • Fixed: Report styles are no longer affected by global styles;
  • Fixed: Correct output of the rotated text in HTML export;
  • Fixed: Export of shapes to HTML;

SharpShooter Reports.WPF

  • New: ReportSource data source loading during report rendering;

SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight

  • New: Native Silverlight 5 report viewer;
  • New: ExportToStream method is added;
  • New: Ability to print with default printer and elevated privileges without additional dialog;
  • Fixed: Incorrect text splitting in XAML export;
  • Fixed: Incorrect shape filling.

SharpShooter Reports All Editions

  • New: RepeatEveryPage is now available for Footer;
  • New: Ability to set CommandTimeOut of SQLiteDataSource;
  • New: New gauge designer;
  • New: About 200 new business gauges to visualize your report data;
  • Improved: Report designer help;
  • Fixed: Duplicating of bookmarks in PDF export;
  • Fixed: ElementAdding event passes correct container when executing drag&drop;

What's New in the SharpShooter Collection 6.4.0

SharpShooter Reports 6.4.0

  • New: Wizards for setting up report data source in the designer (MS SQL, Oracle, mySQL, ODBC). Now developers don’t need to build connection String when configuring data sources in the designer. Instead, they get convenient dialog windows to setup connection to the most popular data source types. MySQL and Oracle connectors require installation of additional libraries.
  • New: Generate Script now works in the Pivot Table element;
  • New: Ability to design custom context menu instead of the standard one, since MouseModeContextMenu property is now public.
  • Added: Document tab in the ribbon menu of the report designer. Developers now have quicker access to the document properties and are able to set them faster;
  • Added: A list of the ElementAdding event arguments is extended. Now it’s possible to get information on where the element is added to;
  • Added: Ability to position Page overlay element not only from the page top, but also right after the Page header;
  • Added: German localization is updated;
  • Fixed: Issue with compatibility of NewPageBefore and NewPageAfter properties of the Databand in different product versions;
  • Fixed: Designer panels’ layout didn’t save after the designer is closed.
  • Fixed: Issue with incorrect positioning of nested elements in the table wizard;
  • Fixed: Localization issues;
  • Fixed: Issue with adding shape element under Turkish localization;
  • Fixed: PDF export: page footer is located at the end of the page regardless of the content size on the page;
  • Fixed: Issue with syntax editor on the pivot table form;
  • Fixed: Issue with addition of PivotTable element into the SideBySide band;
  • Fixed: Issue with document deserialization related to the different component versions;
  • Fixed: Issue with rendering of non-IBreakable controls in the Detail band with the CanBreak property set to true;
  • Fixed: Issue with incorrect export of bookmarks to RTF;
  • Fixed: Minor issues with some fonts in PDF export;

SharpShooter Collection 6.3.0

SharpShooter Reports 6.3.0

  • New: Support for Visual Studio 2012;
  • New: Interactive Pivot table style editor;
  • Added: Sample of using Windows Forms report designer in a Silverlight application;
  • Fixed: Issue in Pivot table with using data source that is not available in design time;
  • Fixed: Issue with gathering meta-information in Side-by-Side reports;
  • Fixed: Page number field width.

What's New in SharpShooter Collection 6.2.1

SharpShooter Reports (All Editions) 6.2.1

  • Added: Ability to export to Excel only data (without headers, footers and other similar stuff)
  • Added: WPF and Silverlight samples are added to the SharpShooter Reports Samples Center
  • Fixed: Issue with Layout bands button changing report structure
  • New: Ability to set SQL Data Source parameters that are configured inside the report
  • Fixed: Issue with rendering Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Hindi and other specific characters
  • New: Pre-designed styles collection that can be easily applied to the whole report
  • New: All report elements are now created with pre-set styles that can be easily changed
  • Added: New ribbon tab containing main document properties
  • Fixed: Issue with Textbox tooltip
  • Fixed: Issue with setting report styles dynamically from code
  • Added: Optimized report uploading to the designer
  • Fixed: Memory leak in the designer ribbon toolbar
  • Fixed: Issue with ControlByName method of the template
  • Fixed: Issue with line breaks in PDF export
  • Fixed: Issue with report layout when copy-pasting
  • Added: Optimized launch of report designer for the document containing SQL data sources

SharpShooter Reports.Web 6.2.1

  • Fixed: Issue with export potion in MVC applications

SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight 6.2.1 

  • Fixed: Memory leak on the server side in Silverlight component
  • Added: Ability to register custom adapter that will render element in XAML
  • Fixed: Issue with printing of several documents
  • Added: Ability to export text control as a picture, if necessary. Especially vital for Silverlight viewer if the user wants to display everything exactly as in preview
  • New: Item Templates for SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight in Visual Studio

SharpShooter OLAP 6.2.1

  • Fixed: Multiple columns filtering. Now the filter conditions don’t include options filtered out by the previous column filter.