Easily integrate JavaScript charts with content drill-down and multi-touch enabled Big Data visualizations into your Web projects.

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ZoomCharts is a JavaScript/HTML library that helps you add visually rich and interactive charts to your application. With only a minimal amount of code, you can visualize your data and let your users discover new insights. You can use ZoomCharts with any server side programming language (including .NET, PHP, Java, Ruby etc.) and with any client side framework (including AngularJS, jQuery etc.).

When I saw ZoomCharts, I immediately thought - WOW! I could really come up with a fantastic presentation of something that is quite complicated and start to visualize it for the client.

John Clelland, Managing Director, Proteus-Cyber

ZoomCharts Features

  • Impressive JavaScript Charts - Easily integrate JavaScript charts with drill-down functionality.
  • Big Charts with Little Code - Add only a few lines of code to your Website to implement the charts of your choice.
  • Complex Functionality - Content drill-down and filtering capabilities built-in.
  • Provide Multiple Data Sources - You can mix multiple data sources in the same chart if necessary.
  • Smart Data Aggregation - ZoomCharts aggregates data for you. Provide data per day, and...

Latest News

ZoomCharts released
ZoomCharts released
Easily integrate JavaScript charts with content drill-down and Big Data visualizations into your Web projects.

Prices from: $ 70.44

In order to license ZoomCharts you need a User Access License (UAL) and a Site License (External or Internal). Licensing is tied to the number of qualified end-users: all users who consume ZoomCharts...

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