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GemBox Software was founded by a group of young people, previously working as software consultants on numerous windows development projects. Our specialty and preferred choice has always been Microsoft platform and tools. We were early adopters of .NET platform, using it since Visual Studio .NET Beta 2. High-quality components are a necessity in modern application development, enabling you to save time, boost productivity and increase quality. Our products are a testimony of our mission; small, fast, standardized and well documented.

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We no longer sell GemBox Software products, please visit their web site instead.

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Somborska 11
10 000 Zagreb


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News Headlines

GemBox.Spreadsheet improves File output support
Version 3.7 includes write support for PDF, XPS, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and WMP formats.
GemBox.Document adds PDF Write support
Output to multiple document formats including PDF and XPS.
Easily read, write, create and modify Word files
Insert formatted text, images, tables and other content.
GemBox.Spreadsheet adds data validation in XLSX
Version 3.5 also adds new methods for extracting to DataTables and full support for sheet protection in XLSX.